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The Morpork Moon Meet is scheduled to be held at 10:00 pm GMT on Saturday March 24th and to last until 12 am GMT on the 25th.

You can check your local start and end times for the event here.

It is being organized and hosted by Qiuyan with the sponsorship of the Ankh-Morpork Council.

Announcement posts

Here are documented the posts regarding the Meet.

Original announcement

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Morpork Moon Meet
Note #64 by Qiuyan at Sun Mar 11 07:34:15 2012 [EST] on board frog

Lawks! I have the pleasure of presenting and hosting the Morpork Moon Meet!

This is a get-together on the MUD organised for the purpose of having fun and getting to know other characters. It will be sponsored by the Ankh-Morpork Council! (Applaud here please.)

Everyone is invited! If you want to get to know more people on the MUD, perhaps a potential friend, grouping pal, bosom buddy, and/or soul mate, this is the place to be. :)

Right, lets get to the details:

Day/date: 24th/25th of March (depending on your time zone)
Time: 10 pm GMT
Duration: 2 hours.
Check out your local start and end times here:

You can drop by even if you don't want to participate in the activities or if you can only attend part of it. Everyone is invited to hang around after the event is over to chat and socialise. There's a dart board in one of the booths, and a pubquiz machine!

Venue: The Felt Ham aka The Moon on the Square, Morpork Street. 
Caution: Morpork Street is close to the Shades, and packs of dogs there are known to snatch things in inventory or held.
Portals will be available from the Drum, and other areas, about 15 minutes before the event.

Main Events:
There will be a treasure hunt and a best-dressed competition, so come prepared! The list of items to be found will be released after teams have been formed (groups of 4 to 5) and the best-dressed person will be determined by votes.

Welcome & distribution of doorgifts (10-15 min)
Forming teams (10-15 min)
Treasure hunt (30-45 min)
Best-dressed competition (20-30) min
Prize presentation (5-10 min)

There will be group prizes for the treasure hunt and individual prizes for the best-dressed competition.
Prizes have yet to be determined. Suggestions and donations will be welcome. :)

Consider this YOUR invitation. Mark it on your calendar! :P
I'm hoping to see many people there, and I hope that after this event, many new friendships can be forged.


Edit: Oh! And for those who can portal reliably, this is a good chance to earn monies. Contact me please. :)