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Warning.png WARNING: Engaging in combat in the presence of a guard will get you thrown off the tower (see "Falling").

The moonlit market is a night market that is held on the top floor (below the roof) of the Five Ways Bell Tower in Ankh-Morpork during the 3 to 4 nights of a full moon. It features rotating assassin-oriented traders who carry some items with insignia from the Conlegium Sicariorum houses, though it is open to all with the skill to scale the tower.


The market is held in the top floor of the Five Ways Bell Tower above the Five Ways intersection in Ankh-Morpork.

At the intersection (the base of the bell tower), climb up, which uses adventuring.movement.climbing.rock for the first three climbs and adventuring.movement.climbing.rope to reach the top floor. While this area is a no-portal zone, you can portal or fly to the ledge just below the market after the rock climbing, from where you only need to climb the rope.

To leave, climb down from the entrance room (south side of the Bell Tower, the eastern room).

You can also leave by using climb up (rock) from the south alcove which is on the right. This leads to the roof. It is a no portal/fly zone, but you can portal or fly from this area. However, you need balancing skills to prevent slipping off the tower and falling to the ground far below, taking damage.


If you want to leave by jumping (or are shoved off), you'll need skills in adventuring.acrobatics.tumbling.

  • Up to 53% burden, a 208 adventuring.acrobatics.tumbling bonus is enough (in all tests) to land safely without harm from the market level. A 150 bonus is not enough.
  • If you don't tumble successfully, you'll lose about 1000 hp and might break a leg.
  • Falling from the roof level can cause over 1700 hp of damage.


Traders speak Morporkian and use the list goods from <trader> syntax suite. Guards wander the inner circle of the tower to protect them, ready to throw troublemakers out a window.

Each alcove on the floor can potentially contain one trader, though usually there are only four or five per night, from the following:

Every night the vendors and the alcove they are in change (though they can return on another night), as will their goods if the same trader returns. The exact inventory they offered when they first spawned that night refills after around 25-35 minutes.

Most things cost more than &&&&&&&&&&+20000 AM$50. The condition of the items is random and this makes the prices vary a little.

When there is more than one copy of an item for sale and you just bought one you have to wait a few minutes (at most five) to buy another copy of the same item to give a chance to someone else who might like to buy one too.

Arrival & Departure

Traders begin arriving in the evening. They can appear after a player stays in an alcove for a bit, but some vendors appear quite early and others quite late.

It is usually worth it to stop in every alcove for 20-30 seconds when you arrive to the market or it has been a while that anyone has done so, because more traders can arrive later.

They also leave at different times but will all be gone by around 8:30 or 9 in the morning. If the moon phase changes to waning during a market night, the vendors will leave.

Ordering from Oscar

You can order one weapon from Oscar Singleton and collect it from him another night he turns up at the market. You can wait as long as you want to collect your item. You pay when you collect. You can only have one order active at a time and you must collect it before placing another order.