Miss Armitage

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Miss Armitage sells custom shawls in Sto Lat on Queen's road.

Types of Shawls

To view the available patterns, "look shawls". To view individual shawls enter "look <type> shawl".

Draped over the armchairs are a rough silk shawl, a chunky woollen shawl, a half-moon angora shawl, a lacy wool shawl, a scalloped silk shawl, a beaded silk shawl, a homespun shawl and a simple angora shawl.


Miss Armitage says in Morporkian with a Sto Plains accent: Now let me see.  I do think I should have just enough wool and silk in... erm... white, creamy white, cream, inky black, blue-grey, smoke grey, dove grey, honey-coloured, peach, dark orange, tawny orange, dark yellow, dark red, raspberry red, rose red, dark rose, pale pink, rose-coloured, dusky pink, plum-coloured, blue violet, indigo, royal blue, aquamarine, cornflower blue, pale blue, dusty blue, dark green, sea green, apple green, moss green, pale green, rich brown, autumn brown, russet brown.  Yes, that's right.


order [a|an] <colour> coloured <shawl style> shawl

To collect your order, simply "collect shawl".


Your custom shawl will contain an accent colour chosen by Miss Armitage. The material for each shawl is not optional and is part of the shawl style.
A scalloped sea green silk shawl:

Cone shells, sand dollars, scallops and starfish can be seen in the shallows by the waves of the sea on this lacy, semi-circular shawl.  Fuller than most shawls, it falls down the back in ripples, creating the illusion of moving water.  Knit from a fine sea green silk wool, shot through with deep blue, the shawl is bound off in a simple seafoam lace edging.