Millie Hopgood's cottage

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Millie Hopgood's cottage is located in Slice, and is a good secondary source of beehives.


Only Millie is present at her cottage.


The following facilities are available at Millie's cottage:

  • A fire can be used as a heat source for brewing.
  • A grinder is in the cottage.
  • A well and pump serve as a water source.


The following components can be found at Millie's cottage:

Other items of interest

  • A sugar press to make sugar cubes. Up to 40 handfuls of (loose) sugar at a time compacts to 200 sugar cubes.
  • The shelf in the cottage has bottles and a jar on it.
  • An antique black dress and a pair of red and white hooped fishnet stockings can be found in the drawers.