Mending npcs

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There are several npcs around the Disc who will, for a fee, sew or fix your items for you.


Old Gammer Crowface in Blackglass will mend non-leather clothing for &&&&&&&&&&&&+144 Ls 1|-. Witches receive a discount.

Forms of syntax available for the command 'ask': ask <gammer> to {mend|fix} <clothes>

In the northwest corner of the Djelibeybi bazaar is a mending stall. Quig-leh-vihk there will mend non-leather clothing for varying amounts, depending on the condition of the item.

On Jui-Pi Way in Bes Pelargic (south of the Samurai dojo) is Sty Chin Chyne's stall. She will mend non-leather clothing for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+40 10s.

Johnny the shoeshine boy, who wanders around Genua, may be able to fix worn boots and shoes.research

Placing clothes on Gapp's low altar will mend them for free by using faith gp.


Mr Rendtnor, in his jewellery shop on the northeast side of the Plaza of Broken Moons in Ankh-Morpork will fix ("restore") jewellery, for varying amounts of money.