Mend (Ritual)

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Ritual information
Deities Gapp
Granted to followers of Gapp
GP cost 30
Components holy amulet
Required powers Movement
Learned At 26 levels
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Miscellaneous
Steps 2
Targets objects
Description Repairs an item of clothing
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help


This ritual is used by Gapp priests to repair items of damaged clothing, similar to the effects of Gapp's low altar.


> condition all damaged
The pair of baggy black trousers (1) is in poor condition.
> perform mend on trousers
You consider the art of weaving.
You hold aloft a pair of baggy black trousers, and feel Gapp's presence around you.
A vivid golden aura engulfs the pair of baggy black trousers, then gradually disperses.
> condition all damaged
Everything is in excellent condition.


The appearance of the aura varies, depending on your alignment. Neutral and good characters will get an aura that corresponds to a current fashion (for example, an "<intensity> plain aura" when plain clothes are in style). Evil characters (from approximately "barely evil" on), on the other hand, seem to get the following types of auras instead:

  • Paisley
  • Polka-dotted
  • Tie-dyed

Skills Used

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