Mamma Filomena

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Mamma Filomena is a witch in Genua that teaches the brindisian language in Sweet bakery on Little Brindisi, Genua.


Of all the tiny, formidable, black-clad old women that inhabit this street, this must surely be the tiniest, and probably the most formidable - although the flour bedaubing her hair, clothes and muscled arms probably disqualify her in the third category.  Her eyes have that authoritative gleam that comes from years of being the absolute centre of the community spiderweb, and of turning strong men back into embarrassed boys with a mere flicker of her will.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
You can't help but notice forty-two warts upon her face.
Wearing : a pair of flat leather shoes, a plain black dress and a flowery headscarf.


  • Teaching the brindisian language.
  • Selling pastries.

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