Mama Diksha's shelter

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Mama Diksha's shelter, what is elsewhere a stall, is carefully concealed just off Ming Lane in Bes Pelargic. It sell many useful witch items.

Finding the stall

To find the stall:

  • Go to the east end of Ming Lane in Bes Pelargic.
  • Go west twice, and then west again through a hidden exit.
  • 'Enter shelter'

Items for sale

Mama Diksha sells a mix of occult paraphernalia, magick crystals and miscellaneous witch spell and command components. Her sales list is as follows:

As a friend of the Fang family, you are offered discounts.

AA: a large hag stone for &&&&&&&&&&&&+800 1Rh 80s.
AB: a divining bob for &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 3Rh 15s.
AC: a wooden whistle for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+40 10s.
AD: a white handled ceremonial bronze knife for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 2Rh 10s.
AE: a black handled ceremonial bronze knife for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 2Rh 10s.
AF: a dark red candle for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+48 12s.
AG: a silver grail for &&&&&&&&&&&+6000 12Rh 60s.
AH: a mummified bat for &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 100s.
AI: an occult gold ring for &&&&&&&&&&&+3000 6Rh 30s.
AJ: an occult snake earring for &&&&&&&&&&&+1600 3Rh 40s.
AK: an occult gold medallion for &&&&&&&&&&+10000 20Rh 100s.
AL: an occult skull brooch for &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 3Rh 15s.
AM: an occult bronze ring for &&&&&&&&&&&&+200 50s.
AN: an occult silver medallion for &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 8Rh 40s.
AO: an occult raven necklace for &&&&&&&&&&&+2500 5Rh 25s.
AP: a squid ink well for &&&&&&&&&&&&+500 1Rh 5s.
AQ: a small crystal for &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 4Rh 20s.
AR: a large crystal for &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 8Rh 40s.
AS: a small amber crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+26000 54Rh 20s.
AT: a large amber crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+72000 150Rh.
AU: a small amethyst crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+14000 29Rh 20s.
AV: a large amethyst crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+48000 100Rh.
AW: a small aquamarine crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+14000 29Rh 20s.
AX: a large aquamarine crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+48000 100Rh.
AY: a small emerald crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+18000 37Rh 60s.
AZ: a large emerald crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+56000 116Rh 80s.
BA: a small jet crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+26000 54Rh 20s.
BB: a large jet crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+72000 150Rh.
BC: a small ruby crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+18000 37Rh 60s.
BD: a large ruby crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+56000 116Rh 80s.


A few spell components can be found outside Diksha's shelter:

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