Madam Miliena's locket shop

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Madam Miliena's locket shop is located in Sto Lat, just west of the eastern city gate.

For &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 $10, you can order a locket with a custom inscription:

You say: I want to buy something
Madam Miliena asks with a Sto Plains accent: What would you like to have inscribed in the locket?
'This is a....
You say: This is a....
You give some coins to Madam Miliena.
Madam Miliena digs deep into her pocket and produces a locket.
Madam Miliena gives you a locket.

The lockets look like this:

This locket is given to a loved one, made from a silvery substance that glints in the light.  The small catch and hinges betray the fact that this locket might contain something.
It is in excellent condition.

They can be opened, causing a soft pleasant tune to emnate from them, and exposing the inscription:

The locket is open.  In delicate script inside is engraved "This is a....".