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MUSHclient is a free and open source client for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista. Its features include include aliases, macros, triggers, scripting, logging, MXP and MCCP.

MUSHclient can be used on GNU/Linux systems through WINE.

For general advice and help you can visit the MUSHclient forum here:

Highly recommended! Check for the current version of Quow's MUSHclient Discworld Package. It includes MUSHclient pre-configured with all of Quow's popular and amazing plugins.

The getting started section of this page explains how to make aliases, colour triggers and plugins.

NOTE: Please read the mud rules carefully! Not all things that MUSHclient is capable of are allowed on the Discworld MUD.

To see MUSHclient in action, see Screenshot_Gallery#MUSHclient

MUSHclient Plugins

Talker channels in a separate window

MUSHclient uses plugins to allow easy sharing of systems between users.

Garrion's Chat Redirector

There is a channel capture plugin called Chat Redirector on Garrion's Plugin page:

QuowBar How to Add a Talker or Club Channel

  • 1. Right click on the 'Comms Window'
  • 2. Choose 'Record New Talker/Club Channel' from the drop down list
  • 3. Type in the name of the channel you want to add
    (Capitalization matters; Use it as it appears in chats not from the 'talker channels' list.
    Example: Igame not igame)
  • 4. Click on 'OK'

QuowBar Built-in Sounds

Alert for Full GP

  • 1. Right-click the 'Vitals Bar' (HP GP B)
  • 2. Select 'GP Full Notification'
  • 3. Check 'Play sound on full GP'
  • 4. (optional) Select 'Choose GP Full Wav File Sound'

Alert for HP Below Threshold

  • 1. Right-click the 'Vitals Bar' (HP GP B)
  • 2. Select 'HP Low Notification'
  • 3. Check 'Play sound on low HP'
  • 4. (optional) Select 'Choose HP Low Wav File Sound'
  • 5. (optional) Select 'Set Low HP Threshold - ##' (30 is default)

QuowMush Combat Colours

Do you find that some combat messages are too dark/bright for you to read? Here is how to change them.

  • 1. Bring open the Combat Stats Window

Method 1a. Right-click graphical map, highlight 'Extra Windows...', left-click on 'Show Combat Stats Window'

Method 1b. Change to any Instant Layout that has Combat Stats Window visible. Right-click on any Extra Window, highlight 'Instant Layouts...', left-click on your layout of choice 'Cow-Bar Classic Top' is one that displays all the Windows except Hotspots.

  • 2. Right click Combat Stats Window (can enable, disable, and modify, as well as hide/show, all combat text types)

2a. 'Re-Colour MUD Combat Texts...' lets you disable/enable the re-colour of various combat scenarios.

2b. 'Change MUD Combat Text Colours' will let you 'Show message samples in output'.

In my case the following two samples were difficult for me to read:
Sample:  The cow launches a powerful attack and mashes the sheep's skull in.
Sample:  The cow crushes the sheep with it's hoofies.

Pick Colour: Others special and hurt others.
Pick Colour: Others hit and hurt others.

2c. 'Change MUD Combat Text Colours' is also where you can change the colours. Left-click on one of the Pick Colour options.

A Colour picker window opens. Scroll through the colours and left-click on one, left-cick 'OK'.

Colour Triggers Discussion

(Igame) Fernir wisps: Anyone know a good way to setup a colour trigger in mush client for when an imperial guard (or any specific npc) is in the room with me?
(Igame) Khaybat wisps: Highlight the word with your mouse cursor, right click, click highlight word
A few glittering bubbles detach themselves from your pair of ice blue crystal bubble earrings and bob cheerily away.
(Igame) Fernir wisps: but i don't want to highlight it /everywhere/ just in the "standing here" line.
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: 'An Imperial guard is standing here'?
(Igame) Fernir wisps: yeah but just the word imperial guard in that description line of the room... i don't think it's easily possible though
(Igame) Fernir wisps: i've just been missing that an imp guard is in a room sometimes
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: Let me check a thing
(Igame) Marya wisps: This is overly complicated way to do it but maybe ^*.imperial guard.* standing here.$ and same with 'fighting'
(Igame) Persephone wisps: could you highlight the whole line as one colour and the imp guard as another colour?
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: Ah! It does use regex, that means you can use a capture group
(Igame) Marya wisps: whoops I mean ^.imperial guard.*. standing here.$
(Igame) Marya wisps: And same with multiple guards because I don't know how you can add the optional s to the word
(Igame) Fernir wisps: the problem with just highlighting the word imperial guard is that is used in other spots such as room descriptions etc
(Igame) Persephone wisps: but it woudl stand out because you would have two colours
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: If you can use a capture group around (imperial guard.*) and backreference it in the highlight then that would only highlight that portion, but I have never actually used the mushclient highlighting
(Igame) Quow wisps: imperial guard.+(standing|fighting) here
(Igame) Quow wisps: As a regex
(Igame) Quow wisps: The overly complicated way is also to have a plugin with a trigger on room exits, that enables a plugin that highlights the words "imperial guard" anywhere for only the very next paragraph then auto-disables again (only to be re-enabled the next time the room exits trigger fires off and re-enables it).
(Igame) Quow wisps: *that enables a trigger
(Igame) Fernir wisps: i guess just highlighting the entire line is ok if i make it change the background
(Igame) Fernir wisps: to make it obvious it's in the room
(Igame) Spice wisps: I did set up something likek that Quow, I think it has one trigger on the .+(is|are) (standing|fight) here line that enabled it, then one later on in sequence to highlight those words
(Igame) Spice wisps: I forget which line turns it off again
(Igame) Spice wisps: that way it only highlights the actual names, not the whole line, yet does not highlight the names everywhere, i.e. in combat text
(Igame) Fernir wisps: i accidentally attack imp guards way too often
(Igame) Spice wisps: if I remember I can look at it later, right now I'm not on MUSHclient
(Igame) Quow wisps: I could expand my written map/nearby things/MDT window to allow people to set specific filters to also apply to things stood in the room for any colouration options, as a future feature, but it's not something I ever thought anybody would want before
(Igame) Fernir wisps: if you can and send it to me i'd appreciate it
(Igame) Persephone wisps: create a nickname for 'guards except imperial guards' maybe?
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: Tangentially... how do you set a regex highlight?
(Igame) Fernir wisps: they attack me if i attack something in the room
(Igame) Quow wisps: Just tick the regex box when you create a trigger
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: Oh, I finally found the place to make a trigger
(Igame) Persephone wisps: I would just colour anything I dont want to fight red always
(Igame) Fernir wisps: i made the background red and the text black.... and it works this will work for now <3 thanks all
(Igame) Persephone wisps: see red, double check if it is in this room
(Igame) Spice wisps: most just highlight the npc names constantly, but I found it annoying so muchu colour in combat spam
(Igame) Fernir wisps: yeah
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: ...Oops, I did it perfectly backwards
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: It is only highlighting 'here' haha

...much later...
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: I know this was hours and hours ago but does the person who wanted to highlight just 'Imperial guard' still happen to be here and need a solution?
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: I was intrigued by the problem but only just got the time to figure it out. >.>
(Igame) Marya wisps: I don't remember who it was but I am also interested
(Igame) cheeky wisps: #cw {imperial guard} {gold}
(Igame) cheeky wisps that she wins
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: The trick is to use a regex lookahead so that it only matches the "standing/fighting here" line without also highlighting that part of it.
(Igame) Calcifer wisps: So for the trigger regex you'd use something like (Imperial guard)(?=.*here)

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