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This page lists some of the more popular MUD clients, and various tips and tricks that you can apply to them. This will help you play more effectively, and make the MUD a more pleasant place!


Betta's Tips

Copied from Frog Board:

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Re:#6 Android MUD client
Note #36 by Betta at Wed Mar 30 11:39:40 2016 [California PST] on board frog

I tried the beta, and didn't like it too much. It was too buggy for me likes, and didn't add any features I really needed. I just use the standard one off the play store. Setting up buttons to a grid is nice, but my button coordinates are set to multiples of 48 instead of 50 to maximize the space. [1] The first set of buttons I didn't edit in xml. I did all that with a piece of paper to add the 48s, and a lot of attention to detail. It probably took me an hour to write the default button set. But after that it was much easier to just C&P the set, make a few changes in names, and then just program them as I have time[2].


I have 'lsd' (alias for .loadset default) set to every button's secondary flip feature so no matter what set I'm in, I can go back to the default buttons easy and fast.

Save daily. The downside to using Blowtorch is that it is a bit unstable. About once a month something crashes it and the only way to get it to open again is to delete the program, and import the .xml file. First time this happened I lost all my work as I deleted all the copies from my computer and email because my password was stored in it and I didn't want to risk it being misused. Its happened enough now that deleting, reinstalling, and getting the settings reloaded takes me about 2 mins.

You can also layer buttons if you're feeling artistic. My ><_> looking button used to be a fabulous blue and yellow stripped 3 layer jobby, but suffered the fate of me not saving the xml before Blowtorch went wonky.

Its a great program and coupled with aliases can match your speed to anyone playing on a full computer.


[1] No dead space between the buttons.
[2] Which I have zero of recently, so there have not been any updates to it since January.
[3] I don't even know why I started putting these down here in footnotes. There is really no reason these statements couldn't have been in the main body of text.
[4] Just don't play while driving. 

Fenrir's Tips

Copied from Frog Board:

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New Atuin Plugin for BlowTorch v 1.2 (powered by Quow Engine)

Note #26 by Fenrir at Tue Feb 18 23:49:34 2020 [California PST] on board frog


Just wanted to share my Blowtorch Plugin to other mobile mudders. It's based on the Quow database and his great route finding algorithm.

V1.1 Features:
msearch <string> -> Search locations (rooms) on the Disc e.g. "msearch job market"
nsearch <string> -> NPC search after Name
isearch <string> -> Item search (items on NPCs)
isearchs <string> -> Item search in shops and other places
mroute # -> Create mrun alias to the destination room from a searchresult above e.g. "mroute 2"
mrun -> Start Speedwalk to destination

v1.2 Feature -> Extended Search:
The search will add a hyperlink to quow-page which will visually show
the target locaton!
msearchx <string> -> Extended Search locations (rooms) on the Disc e.g. "msearch job market"
nsearchx <string> -> Extended NPC search after Name
isearchx <string> -> Extended Item search (items on NPCs)
isearchsx <string> -> Extended Item search in shops and other places

There is one drawback:
It's not possible to use GMCP on Blowtorch without crashing, so
right now I see no way the get a clean room identifier of your current location.
The workaround is that I use the short room name for getting your location. This
is only working in rooms with unique names. So if you get a message from the plugin
that your location can't be found: Move to another room like a crossroad

Necessary options to set on the Disc
options output look [equals symbol] brief

Link for the Download is of Version 1.2:!IPg2jCZA!vFItDCYFwx2IYK1eJhY_AA

Have (mobile) fun!


p.s. Please read the README.txt for the installation of the Plugin

Blowtorch Settings:
1.) Dont forget to grant SD-Card Permisson!
2.) In "Options" > "Service" > "Process semicolons?" -> Deactivate it
3.) Export your settings to save your custom buttons "Export Settings". It may happen that
Blowtorch will loose your button

Westley's Tips for Buttonsets

Westley: been wanting to figure out how to link buttonsets and looks like i finally found my answer/solution for that
Westley: there's apparently an internal client command .loadset <set name> that'll change to that button set so all you have to do is add it to a button in your button sets
Westley: alot easier than i thought it was gonna be :P
Westley: what i was wanting to do was have 2-3 diff button sets (maybe even 1 for each char/alt) then have a button that would switch to a button set that would link the other button sets. so say I needed to switch to a set specifically set up for sailing, I'd have a button (maybe off in the corner or something) to let me switch to a button set (probably labeled as "hub") that would act as a link to other button sets. so instead of going thru the options to change button sets, I'd tab a button to switch to the hub then tap a button on that to go to sailing button set


XP Rate Script

Here is an xp script which displays the amount of xp you have earned;

Combat Exp

Here are two triggers to display the amount of experience you earned after combat. In Zmud, click on Trigger and then select New.

Trigger 1

Where it says Pattern:, type <you prepare to attack>

In the box below where style says zMUD Script:, type:

#VAR XPbegin %mud.xp

now click on save.

Trigger 2

Where it says Pattern:, type <you bury>

In the box below where style says zMUD Script:, type:

#WA 2000
#VAR XPend %mud.xp
#VAR XPearn @XPearn
#MATH XPearn @XPend-@XPbegin
#SHOW %char( 10)%ansi( bold, yellow)*** You Earned: @XPearn EXP ***
#VAR XPbegin @XPearn

now click on save.

Scripts by Lexx

Lexx Rehevkor Scripts for ZMud


GMCP on the Discworld

Have a trigger that executes when you login (for example on: You last logged in from), running:

sendGMCP("core.supports.set \[\"Char.Vitals\"\]")

Status bar gauges (requires gmcp)


For general advice and help you can visit the MUSHclient forum here:

The getting started section of this page explains how to make aliases, colour triggers and plugins.

NOTE: Please read the mud rules carefully! Not all things that MUSHclient is capable of are allowed on the Discworld MUD.

MUSHclient Plugins

Talker channels in a separate window

MUSHclient uses plugins to allow easy sharing of systems between users.

There is a channel capture plugin called Chat Redirector on Garrion's Plugin page:


Rapscallion is an ancient MUD client for Mac OS that few people use.

Talker channels in a separate window

To redirect all talker chats into a separate window, go to Configure Action Settings, and the Channel tab. Create a new Channel. Choose "Expert Matching". Set the "Trigger On" script to:

\(%s\) %s wisps:
\(%s\) %s wisps that 
--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------

You can customise this further, to have different talker channels redirected to different windows.

As a bonus, in the MUD you can create the following alias: "alias marker --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------". Then typing "marker" will put a line into the talker window, allowing you to see what you've read!

Character stats in the status bar

To get up-to-date character stats in your status bar, go to Configure Document Settings, and the General tab. Set the "Status Script" to:

HP: %1/%2  |  GP: %3/%4  |  XP %5

And set the "Status Bar Extractor" to:

You have %n \(%n\) hit points, %n \(%n\) guild points
Hp: %n\(%n\)  Gp: %n\(%n\)  Xp: %n
Hp: %n \(%n\) Gp: %n \(%n\) Xp: %n

This will update the status bar every time you do "score", "score brief", or use the combat monitor.


A TinTin++ configuration for the Discworld MUD client, including color and sound triggers. Fork of Dextar's work.

Original work by Dextar d'Parranoid: