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MUD Client Compression Protocol or MCCP is used to speed up the transmission between a MUD server and a user's client application. Discworld supports MCCP, and many MUD clients support it as well. For those clients not having MCCP support built-in, a simple MCCP application such as MCClient can be installed to fill the gap.

The MCCP service installed on your computer will link your MUD client to Discworld using the advanced protocol. You must point the MCCP service at Discworld, and also point your MUD client at the service.

In the case of MCClient the "mcclient.cfg" file must be edited to contain the following line and nothing more:

4242 23

Then, in your MUD client's connection settings, you use "localhost" in place of the Discworld server address.

With MCClient running in the background, and your MUD client open, connect to your character account as you would normally. If all goes well, you should only notice a distinct lack of lag.