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Lonmeet London 2015

Date: Saturday 28th November, 2015

Location: London, UK - St George's Tavern

The previously-mooted London mini MUDmeet will be going ahead on Saturday 28 November from 2pm at St George's Tavern near Victoria Station.


The pub does real ales, lagers, ciders, tea and coffee, soft drinks, and food including vegetarian options. It has step-free access and a RADAR-locked accessible toilet. We'll hopefully be sitting in the back room.

Getting there

It's on the corner of Belgrave Road and Hugh Street, to the southeast of Victoria Station. The quickest way to get there from the station concourse is about 400m, all on the flat:

Follow the signs for Platform 1, and keep following them all the way down the side of the concourse, in the space between the barrier on your right and shops like McDonalds, M&S, etc on your left, until you see a sign pointing left to the way out. This will bring you out onto Bridge Place. Turn right and walk to the end of the road, and you should see St George's Tavern across the main road in front of you.

Other info

If you're planning to come, please try to sign up by Wednesday 18 November, and we'll book a table if there seem to be enough of us to need booking (but it's fine to just turn up even if you haven't been able to let us know in advance).

Contact Kake if you have any technical queries about this page. Contact Kake for any queries about the meet.