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Primarily due to personal interest in the lollies on the Disc, though I've found a few others interested, so I decided I'd put together a reference file. The list will be updated as I can locate different flavours/colours.

This shop is directly above the 7 on Kefka's map indicating the street is Long Hogmeat, in the cattle district, near the shades. Stock is rotating - I already had my hands on the fluorescent pink lollypop, but it doesn't appear to be in stock currently. I bought out the merchandise twice, so with three spawns it was the same each time, which leads me to believe that stock rotates upon reboot.

[middle of Long Hogmeat]

  /    | 
 $    -$-
/ \   /  

The land is lit up by the eerie light of the waxing gibbous moon. The nighttime calm of this stretch of Long Hogmeat is disturbed by the presence of the shop to the north, which is open even at this late hour. Other than that, Long Hogmeat sleeps on, sleepwalking its way to Tobacco Road to the east, and Abattoirs Lane to the northwest. It is a cold secundus spring's night with almost no wind and some puffy clouds. There are three obvious exits: east, northwest and north.

Miss Saccha Rose's pig treacle candy emporium is decorated, inside and out, in pink. Everything, from the ceiling down to the floor, is pink. Even the shelves displaying her wares are pink. In fact, only her wares aren't pink, and even that only in exceptional cases. There is one obvious exit: south. Miss Saccha Rose is standing behind the counter.

l saccha - If only one word were to be chosen to describe Miss Saccha Rose, it would be pink. She always dresses entirely in pink, her face is a cheerful and well-scrubbed pink, and even her hair has a pink sheen to it.

She is in good shape.

She is standing behind the counter.

Wearing : a pair of pink babydoll stilettoes and a pale pink dress.

l counter - The counter reaches up to waist level, and is filled with examples of Miss Rose's craft, safe from sticky fingers behind glass. Like everything else in here, the counter is pink.

l shelves - Lengths of wooden planking, carefully sanded smooth and painted pink, to hold the shop's wares.

l ceiling - The ceiling of this shop has been painted the exact same pink as the rest of it. The effect is somewhat disturbing.

l floor - The floor of the shop, while pink, still offers a slight break in colour. After all, what with the pigs passing by, the street outside isn't likely to be very clean.

Lollies are 75p, rock candies are 50p.

Flavours discovered so far (flavours are the same for like coloured rocks/lollies)

aquamarine lollipop - cuttlefish

blue lollipop - gooseberry

brown lollipop - caramel

brown rock candy

crimson lollipop - evil

crimson rock candy

cyan lollipop - grass

cyan rock candy

dark brown rock candy - wahoonie

dark green rock candy - cucumber

deep purple lollipop - aubergine

deep purple rock candy

fluorescent black lollipop - licorice

fluorescent black rock candy

fluorescent green lollipop - apple

fluorescent green rock candy

fluorescent orange lollipop - orange

fluorescent orange rock candy

fluorescent pink lollipop - strawberry

fluorescent pink rock candy

fluorescent yellow lollipop - banana

fluorescent yellow rock candy

gold lollipop - pear

gold rock candy

green lollipop - cabbage

green rock candy

grey rock candy - rock

lime lollipop - lemon

octarine lollipop - magic

octarine rock candy

orange lollipop - pineapple

orange rock candy

pink lollipop - raspberry

pink rock candy

purple rock candy - blackberry

red lollipop - cherry

red rock candy

silver lollipop - garlic

silver rock candy

sky blue lollipop - innocence

sky blue rock candy

yellow lollipop - peach

yellow rock candy