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Lockpicks are items required to pick locks and are usually required for the command disable.


Every thief and assassin guild and outpost with a shop will sell standard and deluxe lockpicks to members.

For non-covert guild members the Hood in Djelibeybi and the shop in the Gloomy Forest bandit camp sell standard lockpicks. Deluxe lockpicks can be bought from some NPCs on the Ankh-Morpork Underdocks or looted from wandering trollish locksmith in the Ramtops.

Blackened lockpicks are sold in limited quantities to anyone that can reach Georgette Reyes at the Moonlit market.

A shop in the Ninja guild sells silver bamboo hairpins that can be twisted into a lockpick, but with insufficient skills (in cr.sm.lo) it can break.

There's a number of pieces of clothing that can act as lockpick scabbards.


Some lockpicks appear to have higher success rates, but may not lower the minimum bonus needed to pick a lock. See research.

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