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Linze the tailor makes custom togas in the back of Timarkus' toga shop on Philosopher's Walk in Ephebe for the more picky toga connoisseur.

This is the back room of the toga shop, where the resident tailor provides a bespoke service to truly discerning customers.  It is a good deal quieter here than in the front of the store, although a little too much noise from the ongoing toga party still filters through.  A table here is laid out with a few tools and the walls are adorned with several togas, carefully folded and pinned in place.  The main shop lies back to the south. 
There is one obvious exit: south.
Linze the tailor is standing here.
>look linze
Linze is a demure and dignified woman in her mid-forties.  From her stiff posture and no-nonsense demeanour it's immediately clear that she is very good at what she does.  It's also clear that she would be much more at home wearing something more practical like a waistcoat and trousers to ply her trade, but being employed in a toga shop, she reluctantly looks the part.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
Wearing : a pair of golden brown silk sandals and a purple-bordered toga.


You need some proficiency in spoken Ephebian to order.

You start your order by saying I'd like to order, please.

You can stop by simply saying stop.

You collect your order by saying I'd like to collect.


Linze offers a number of fabrics to choose from for your toga. Without being asked for details she lists the following: alpaca wool, lambswool, cashmere, pashmina, mohair and angora.

Fabric Details

Linze the tailor says: I can make make you a bespoke toga from any of the following types of wool:
Linze the tailor says: Lambswool, which is inexpensive and very practical, I think.
Linze the tailor asks: Alpaca wool, which might not be so glamorous but it is soft, warm and waterproof.  Good for the Morporkian climates, no?
Linze the tailor says: Cashmere, a warm, elegant and stylish classic.
Linze the tailor says: Pashmina, a type of cashmere that is oh-so-soft and luxurious.
Linze the tailor says: Mohair, which is perfect for warm climates and very resilient.
Linze the tailor says: And angora, which is wonderfully light and silken, it's like wearing nothing at all!  But you look much more appropriate, of course.


For the main part of the toga, Linze offers a wide array of colours.

Linze the tailor says: You can choose from any of the following: Klatchian coffee brown, Institute turquoise, Bay of Ephebe blue, Institute chestnut, Institute crimson, Necropolis black, storm cloud grey, Tsortean purple, Necropolis grey, chocolate brown, seamstress pink, Klatchian blue, midnight black, Djelian yellow, bubblegum pink, Ephebian gold, sapphire blue, Citadel white, forest green, lemon yellow, Oasis green, jade green, royal blue, slate grey, Oasis blue, mint green, aquamarine, jet black, tangerine, navy blue, coral red, blood red, sea green, sky blue, crimson, scarlet, silver, yellow, violet, purple, orange, indigo, azure, white, brown, green, ivory, black, lilac, pink, gold, grey, blue and red.

Coloured Border

You also have an option of a coloured border.

Linze the tailor says: You can choose from any of the following: storm cloud grey, chocolate brown, seamstress pink, midnight black, bubblegum pink, sapphire blue, lemon yellow, forest green, royal blue, aquamarine, jade green, slate grey, mint green, coral red, blood red, navy blue, jet black, tangerine, sea green, sky blue, crimson, scarlet, violet, purple, silver, indigo, orange, yellow, azure, black, ivory, lilac, green, white, brown, blue, gold, pink, grey, none and red.


You can also have a decorative design added to your toga.

Linze the tailor says: You can choose from any of the following: contemplative philosophers, labyrinthine corridors, formal logic symbols, mathematical symbols, crackling flames, silver moonbeams, hemlock flowers, mighty hoplites, golden sunbeams, drifting clouds, cresting waves, sailing ships, golden stars, olive trees, love hearts and none.


Linze will ask a simple yes or no in regards to whether or not you want pockets on your toga.


Lavish and highly-decorated, this toga is made from a single large square of exquisite cashmere, cut and tailored by a skilled hand.  A classic Ephebian garment, it is worn by first wrapping it around the body and then draping it over the shoulder and arm.  It has been painstakingly rubbed with chalk to produce a dazzling white colour and looks highly traditional, not to mention impressive, as a result.  The whole effect is emphasised beautifully by a thick royal blue silk border that runs all the way around the outside edge - a bold symbol of status.  A series of delightful love hearts has been embroidered with great care right around the thick silk border of the toga.  Whimsical and appealing, they complement the piece perfectly.
There are several small pockets sewn discreetly into the material.
It is in excellent condition.