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The volunteers who create, maintain and administer the Discworld MUD are called Creators. There are two types of creator; developers and liasons. The creators are each assigned to different domains and have different levels of seniority.


The MUD is a meritocracy, meaning that promotion is based on merit rather than on length of service as with some other MUDs. There are four different levels of creator seniority:

  • Creator
  • Senior
  • Director / Independent
  • Trustee

All creators start of as a Creator and have the least level of access of all the other levels. Senior creators are the next level up and they often serve as domain deputies. Directors and Independents are of the same seniority level but have different roles. Directors are domain leaders and have overall responsibility for a particular domain. Independents, whilst having the same level of access as Directors are not assigned to a specific domain and will work on projects across all domains. The highest level of seniority is that of Trustee. Trustees have full access to all areas of the MUD as well as to the game driver and physical hardware on which the game runs.


Developers are coders who work on creating new content for the game and on investigating and fixing bug reports. They are often online but hidden from players as they need to be able to work uninterrupted. They are not responsible for supporting players or being front-line support for player issues, that is the job of the liaisons.


Liaison creators are the 'customer-facing' side of the creator team. Their primary role is to speak to and support players. They also deal with any disciplinary issues that crop up, although this is not their primary focus. It is a liaison who you will need to contact if there are any game issues which need addressing.

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