Lecturer in Recent Runes

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Lecturer in Recent Runes is a wizard who walks around Unseen University and teaches various wizard commands.

Appearance and mannerisms

Lecturer looks and behaves like a respectful wizard, he wears a pointy wizard hat, a white velvet and vermine robe and a pair of hard leather boots.

Lecturer carries components for various spells: handful of Grim's old blower tobacco, silver pipe, 2 pinches of purple mineral powder, a silver mirror, a lightable torch, five cured human hearts, a rubber knife and a knife.

Depending on your level he would pat your head or even nod respectfully. He can cast a variety of spells. At night he casts Master Woddeley's Luminescent Companion to make a light source, when attacked he can cast, for instance, Mugwuddle's Muddling Mirage (the list of components above suggests that he can cast nes, www, dkdd, mmm and some other spells).

He is very well protected from scrying, so very good chances that scrying will fail even with 300+ ma.me.ph.sc bonus. Failed scrying with crystal ball may result in temporary blindness.