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Krullian is a language spoken in the island kingdom of Krull. As for now, no one except for Priests with the rituals of Tongues and Clarify can understand it.

Speaking NPCs

  • As for now, no one except the priests which use Tongues can understand or speak Krullian.

Written pieces of the language

  • As for now, only priests with the help of Clarify and Tongues can write and understand their Krullian, but after the rituals expire, they will not understand what they wrote, unless they cast the rituals again.

TMing it

  • Since Tongues and Clarify bring a 100/100 spoken/written understanding of the language, there is no need of TMing it. (As for now).


  • It is possible that Krullian as a language will be properly added when the Rim Ocean and Krull are.