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Sea substances are substances from sea critters that grant special effects. They are sold by Niknax in exchange for ambergris.

General information

Sea serpent venom

Sea serpent venom can be applied to the sea serpent fang to poison the opponents you hit in combat.

  • It costs 1 ambergris.
This is about a medium pile of sea serpent venom, which looks like a clear oily liquid in its harmless form.  Harmless until it comes into contact with a sea serpent's fang, anyway.

Dire seaweed extract

Dire seaweed extract increases gp regeneration by around 2 gp per heartbeat.

  • It costs 2 ambergris.
  • When it expires it can have several phases of penalties.
  • 10 to 20 seconds warning (free to move and act): The surging energy in your body and mind starts to lessen.
  • 20 to 40 seconds limited action (free to act, but not move): The surge of energy runs out, leaving you feeling drained and incredibly sleepy., You feel very sleepy, You are too sleepy to move
  • 0 to 40 seconds unconscious (no action, no movement): You can't keep your eyes open anymore. You go to sleep., when trying to do stuff You are unconscious you can't do anything and at the end: You wake up feeling refreshed.
  • If you are in combat you do not become unconscious.
This is about a medium pile of neon green liquid that tends to climb the walls of its container in a bid for escape.  Some of the unnatural vitality of dire seaweed has clearly made its way into this stuff.

Kraken blood

Kraken blood grants the ability to Breathe Underwater.

  • It also allows performing rituals that require the power of speech.
  • It costs 1 ambergris.

Kraken sweat

Kraken sweat grants a slime shield which is an arcane protection said to be a cross between tpa and ccc. (More info needed.)

  • It costs 3 ambergris.
  • If you cast TPA while the kraken sweat is in effect, the slime shield will quickly eat away and destroy the TPA.
You read the small label stuck on the slim clear vial of kraken sweat:
On the small label is written:
Written in dark red ink in Ephebian:

This is a small, slim glass vial, about the length of your thumb.
It has a small label stuck on it.
It is in excellent condition.
The slim clear vial of kraken sweat is completely full with two tablespoons of kraken sweat.
It is completely full.
It is open.

This is about a medium pile of thick murky grey liquid.  It's more like slime than sweat, really, which doesn't make it look any more appetizing.  Presumably, to obtain this, someone had to get very close to a kraken - an intimidating task.

Kraken tears

Kraken tears grant Dark Sight.

  • It costs 1 ambergris.

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