Knock-out rose

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Knock-out roses are deceptively pretty black roses, which will cause anyone who 'smell's them to fall asleep.


Knock-out roses can be picked from a bush located west of the courtyard outside Dontgonearthe Castle. You can also get them by growing them on the jar with a black seed on the Nowhere quest. You can grow them a unlimited number of times.


  • Each rose can be smelled an unlimited number of times.
  • The roses do decay
  • The roses cannot be worn or braided.

Decay Messages

You glance at the rose as it starts to twitch as if looking for nourishment and then lies still.
You notice the leaves of the rose start drooping and slowly change colour until they are an unhealthy pale white. 
You hear a small tap on the ground.  You look down and notice that the thorns seem to be falling off the stem of the rose.
You feel a soft touch on your arm as a petal falls off the rose and disintegrates as it lands on the ground.  Soon the other petals follow and you watch in dismay as the stem turns do dust and blows away in the breeze.