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Kick is an unarmed special attack that can be used to deal damage to an opponent.

Command information
GP Cost 35
Learnt At 15 fighting.special.unarmed
Skills Used Fighting.special.unarmed and Fighting.unarmed.striking
Items Needed N/A
Guild Available to all

Targeted Kicks

While using 'kick' results in an untargeted strike against a random body zone the player can also specify a target. See 'syntax kick' in-game for specifics.

You can kick a target in the feet, shins, knees, stomach, chest and face. Members of the Warrior's Guilds can also target 'the back of the head'.

Using the syntax 'kick compare x with y' you can compare two target zones. Use 'body' to represent an untargeted kick in compare.

Targeted kicks are all harder to prepare and deal more damage than unfocused.

In order of difficulty and damage, lowest first.
unfocused, shins, feet, knees, chest, stomach, face, back of the head

Any kick targeted at feet will 'stomp' as against a prone target.


  • Unlike punch, kick can be performed even if you are holding weapons in both hands.
  • If your opponent has been knocked to the ground (eg. as a result of trip or shove) then a kick special attack will result in you stomping on them. It's unclear whether this does additional damage or not.
  • Kick is also a soul command. If the target of your kick cannot be found in the room then you will soul instead. Use 'nosoul kick <target>' to avoid this behaviour.

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