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Very Reverend Khepresh is a npc priest of the priesthood of Hat.


A tall man, his lack of hair from his shaven scalp more than made up
for with his bushy eyebrows and thick tufts of hair that grow out of each ear.
Strongly resembling the vulture god he follows, he stalks Djelibeybi and, more
recently, further abroad converting the unbelievers to the holy ways of Hat.
He is in good shape.
He is standing.
He is covered in translucent grey feathers.
Holding : a bronzed crook (left hand and right hand).
Wearing : a pair of white sandals, a lion-skin cape, a sienna linen robe, a
          crude string bag, a party hat and a holy amulet.
His purse is tinkling with coins.


Khepresh will visit players randomly and appear next to them

Looting possibilities

Things to note

  • Attacking Khepresh in Ankh-Morpork won't trigger the God Squad.
  • Khepresh will usually cast the Visions ritual upon attack and also cast the Visit ritual during combat to "flee".
  • Following Khepresh is not recommended as he can lead you to Dangerous zones to visit players there, only do so if you are confident and know the risks.
  • Khepresh won't let low-level players or those who are "too weak" to follow him.
  • Khepresh can get enraged during combat, although it is not clear what this does.research When he does, it will show: "A look of utter hatred crosses Very Reverend Khepresh's face."
  • Killing Khepresh in Djelibeybi is seen as killing a Djelibeybi priest, you will be thrown into the Djelibeybi crocodile pit.
  • Killing Khepresh will make you more good in alignment