Kama yari (polearm)

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Note that there are two different weapons called 'kama yari' - the 'hammer' variant is here.

Kama yari (polearm)
Weapon information
Precise dimensions 10 x 9/12
Material steel
Weight 10
Thaums/sec 13 stable / 17 talisman / 27 max
Hands 2
Commands Pierce, Impale
Melee type Polearm
Judge data
Speed 2 Very slow 2
Maximum damage 8 Quite high 8
Average damage 4 Low 4
Str Overall Attack ease Parry ease
19 10 good
7 reasonably difficult
3 rather hard

Long Description

A kama yari - not to be confused with a kama yari - is a long shaft of wood with an elegant arrangement of razor-edged steel blades at one end. The three-foot central blade projects forwards along the line of the shaft, while the two flanking blades, each only about a foot long, curve back towards the wielder with the poetic droop of a willow leaf in summer.

Appraises As

The kama yari is about ten feet long and about nine inches wide. It is made of steel and could be used as a weapon of type polearm.


Imperial Guard Forge for about 33.5 Rhinu. [isn't on Kefka's]


Mainly pierce, some sharp type.