Jun Cla Dey

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Jun Cla Dey aka Agnes lives amidst her old house cluttered with junk off the small square in the middle of Elysien Lane in Bes Pelargic.

Jun Cla Dey is an elderly woman with an eternally crooked smile pasted on her face.  She looks as though she's not entirely all there upstairs, and her dishevelled clothing and mannerisms only accentuate the paranoid look in her eye.  As she sits hunched over in the corner, fiddling with her trinkets absentmindedly, it becomes blatantly apparent that this is the type of woman that can have a boat wash up in her backyard and not notice for weeks.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
Wearing : a pair of thick-rimmed spectacles, a pair of wooden clogs and a red Happi coat.

She sells various weapons and an umbrella shield including:

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