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Janice Kicklebury makes custom kimonos, dresses, gowns, and mini-dresses for formal occasions in the bridal salon on the first floor of Milords & Miladies. She also sells wedding-themed garters, dresses, gowns, kimonos, hats, and shoes.


Janice Kicklebury asks in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: What this clothing be for?
Janice Kicklebury says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: You can choose from these options: unspecified, bridesmaid, wedding and formal.


Janice Kicklebury asks in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: What kind will it be?
Janice Kicklebury says in Morporkian with a Morporkian accent: You can choose from these options: mini dress, kimono, dress and gown.



Dotted Quirm is a lightweight cotton with a pattern of knotted dots.  It has a soft drape, and it is nice and cool.

Seersucker is mostly distinguished by its lengthwise puckered stripes.

Voile, Genuan for 'veil,' is a lightweight soft fabric.  It is mostly used for blouses, lingerie, and loose garments.

Chenille is taken from the Genuan word for 'caterpillar,' and it is a very accuate description for this luxurious fabric.  Chenille is a thick fabric with a heavy, fuzzy pile.  It is most commonly used in robes and outerwear.

Broderie Anglaise describes the delicate, white cotton embroidered with eyelets of flowers and stars.

Batik is a basic cotton weave, decorated with swirls of colour layered on using a proces of wax masking.

Lawn cotton is very fine and sheer with a tight weave and nice drape.  This fabric was first manufactured in Genua, and is highly regarded for its use in lingerie and dresses.

Denim features a twill weave, and it is quite stiff and extremely durable.  It doesn't wrinkle, and is ideal for those who do not take good care of their clothes.

Broadcloth is a sturdy, plain cotton of heavier weight.  It drapes well and holds creases, as well as being a durable fabric.

Corduroy, another Genuan fabric, is much hailed as the 'Fabric of Kings,' however it is affordable for the middle classes as well.  This is a durable, cotton pile fabric with vertical ribs, and it is smooth to the touch.
Organdy is another Genuan discovery, very fine and transparent, though quite stiff.

Batiste has a basic weave, however it is lightweight and sheer, with a graceful drape.

Pique is a medium weight cotton weave originating in Genua.  It features a raised woven design forming a pattern of small squares.  It is very durable, has great body, and good drapage.

Terrycloth is a wonderfully absorbant fabric with uncut loops on both sides.  Soft, warm, and durable.

Twill is distinguished by its diagonal stripes and durability.  A somewhat rugged fabric.
dotted quirm / seersucker / voile / chenille / broderie anglaise / batik / lawn cotton / denim / broadcloth / corduroy / organdy / batiste / pique / terry cloth / twill / cotton


Noil: Silk Noil (sometimes incorrectly called raw silk) has a nubby feel and a low sheen.

Chiffon: It means rag in Genuan.  However, this elegant, sheer fabric has a transparent, lightweight fabric finish and is quite limp, with a soft, beautiful drape and an unusual lustre.  It is made with a loose, plain weave and tightly twisted single yarns in both directions. It has a soft, supple, thin hand and a flat, crepe-like texture.

Charmeuse: A lightweight version of satin with a softer and more clingy look that drapes beautifully.  It is very smooth, has a semi-lustrous satin face and less body than traditional silk finishes.

Damask Silk: The hallmark of this finish are threads woven into a pattern that create a white-on-white or ivory-on-ivory appearance. Often woven in a floral pattern, this fabric finish generally doesn't need any additional beading or lace.

Habutai: Habutai means 'soft as down' in Agatean.  Habutai is usually a natural, ecru color, and is known to wrinkle less than other fabrics.  Habutai has a soft, graceful drape.

Dupioni: Similar to shantung but with thicker, coarser fibers woven into a taffeta-like fabric.

Gossamer Silk: Sheer, golden transparency and incredibly fine, gossamer silk floats on the softest of breezes and is ideal for soft layering and ethereal, diaphenous sleeves.

Spider Silk: Blue-tinted white in color, with hints of a silver sheen of moonlight, spider silk is prized for its material strength.  However, it is slightly coarse and resembles raw silk.

Velvet: Feels and looks like soft plush, both lightweight and supple. The soft drape adds depth and richness to this fabric's appeal.

Gauze Silk: Gauze is a sheer, thin open weave fabric.  As its name suggests, silk gauze is loosely woven, and fairly floppy.  Silk gauze is very lightweight and sheer, and can be gathered for bouffant uses, used alone or over other fabrics for closely-fitted to loosely-fitted gowns.

Satin: Top-of-the-line silk with a high sheen, similar to charmeuse only heavier and a thick, close weave to give the most luxurious of feels.

Taffeta: A crisp, lightweight material with a soft sheen, taffeta has very subtle horizontal ribbing and a wonderful 'rustle' when used for full-skirted gowns and dresses.

Lace: Swirls of flowers, rosettes and ribbons dance across a background of sheerest net.  Delicate, alluring and daring if unlined.

Organza: Similar to chiffon but heavier and with more body and a smooth, flat finish.

Four-ply: Four-ply silk is medium to heavy weight, smooth and flat, with a crepe finish and a good deal of lustre.  It tailors and drapes beautifully and is a favorite for all kinds of bridal usage.
noil / chiffon / charmeuse / damask silk / habutai / dupioni / gossamer silk / spider silk / velvet / gauze silk / satin / taffeta / organza / four-ply / brocade / lace / silk


leather / fishnet / mesh


The Empire Bodice extends to just past the bust and laces in the front, allowing the remaining material of the gown to fall softly from the bustline.

The Strapless Bodice laces at the sides and rests upon the bust, leaving the shoulders daringly bare.

The Merchant Bodice is the most ornate of the styles currently available, lacing at the front with short capped sleeves.

The Peasant Bodice gives a wench look with maximum bust lift.

The Diva Bodice is a corset-like bodice with lacing down the sides and back for a comfortable, custom fit. Specially designed to provide maximum support and lift for the bosom, sturdy boning embraces the body all around and delicate shoulder straps lace on with ribbons through grommets in front and back.

The Classic Bodice is shaped to cinch the waist and push the bosom upward to create a rounded bustline peeking over the top.  Lacing at the front and each side provide an adjustable and comfortable custom fit.

The Sleeved Bodice combines the support of a traditional, laced bodice with the smooth lines of the under-chemise, in matching material with piping detail.

The Embroidered Bodice is adorned with hand-embroidered sprigs of wildflowers and hedgerow blossoms for that summertime feel.

Tight Bodice lifts the bust and cinches the waist for that 'full-bodied' and voluptuous look.  Double-boning along the sides provides support to even the most pneumatic of figures.

The Laced Bodice is held together by a criss-crossing of colourful ribbons tied in a bow at the bust.  The snug fit around the waist is accentuated by gentle pleats of matching material falling softly over the hips.

The Plain Bodice is the most basic of the bodices, and is comprised of a simple, unlaced shape without boning.
embroidered / strapless / revealing / strapped / merchant / sleeved / peasant / classic / empire / tight / wench / plain / laced / diva


Balloon: A sleeve shaped full over the upper arm and narrowed from the elbow to wrist.  Fuller at the top.

Bell: A sleeve that is narrow at the armhole and wide and un-cuffed at the wrist.

Bishop: A long sleeve which is full below the elbow and gathered or left loose at the  wrist.

Butterfly: An exquisitely light and delicate sleeve that fits closely at the armhole and then falls in a wide flare to the wrists, creating the sensation of floating on wings of lightest gossamer.

Cap: A small, short sleeve which sits on the shoulder, either forming a stiff cap or falling on to the arm to provide minimal coverage.

Cold Shoulder: Circular cut-outs at the top of the sleeve allow the shoulders to peek through for a tantalising glimpse of flesh beneath the otherwise demure, wrist-length sleeve.

Batwing: Cut as an extension of the bodice, the batwing sleeve is designed without a socket for the shoulder, creating a deep, wide armhole that reaches from the waist to a narrowed wrist.

Gauntlet: A long sleeve featuring a generous pouf at the shoulder/upper arm, then narrows to a glove-like piece which then tapers to a fitted point.

Juliet: A long sleeve featuring a high point at the top of the shoulder, narrowing to a fitted point that rests against the back of the hand.

Leg of Mutton: A loose, full sleeve, rounded from the shoulder to just below the elbow, then shaped to the arm, often ending in a point at the  wrist.

Noodle Strap: A thin, tubular strap that attaches to the bodice, named for the likeness to a single noodle.

Poet: A sleeve that is gathered at shoulder and very full from shoulder to cuff.

Short: A sleeve length that is no longer than the bicep level and no shorter than cap length.

Sleeveless/None: No sleeves at all; often seen in conjunction with a bateau, cowl or scoop neck.

Three-quarter: A sleeve length in which the wrist line stops just below the elbow.

Tulip: A short sleeve that criss-crosses over the biceps of the arm.
off-the-shoulder / cold shoulder / leg of mutton / three-quarter / one shoulder / noodle strap / butterfly / strapless / strapped / gauntlet / balloon / batwing / bishop / juliet / puffed / short / tulip / bell / long / poet / cap / none


Bateau: A high, wide straight neckline that runs straight across the front and back, meeting  at the shoulders.

Cowl: A neckline featuring a piece of material attached to the neckline, which may be used as a hood or draped loosely in a swag from shoulder to shoulder at the front neckline or back.

Illusion: A yoke of sheer net and an ornately decorated satin band, fitting snugly around the neck creating a choker effect.

Jewel: A high, round neckline resting simply at the base of the neck.

Keyhole: A tear shaped or round cutout that fastens at the front or back neckline.

Off the Shoulder: A neckline that lies gently hovering across the top of the bustline with the shoulders uncovered.

Portrait: A shawl collar that wraps the very edges of the shoulders and sweeps down across the top of the bust to a central rose.

Scoop or Round: A low, U-shaped neckline.

Shawl: A one-piece collar which is turned down to form a continuous line around the back of  the neck to the front.

Square: An open yoke neckline shaped in the form of a half square.

Strapless: A neckline created by an absence of sleeves (usually) and collar.

Sweetheart: A graceful, open yoke, shaped like the top half of a heart.  One of the most popular bridal gown necklines.

V-Neck: An open yoke coming to a "V" shape midway down the bodice.

Wedding Band: A collar featuring a yoke that is either open or of sheer net, with an ornate band fitting snugly on the neck, creating a choker effect.
wedding band collar / decolletage / cowl drape / sweetheart / Queen Ynci / portrait / illusion / sabrina / halter / v-neck / square / bateau / jewel / scoop / hood / high / low


A-line: As the name suggests, A-line dresses are typically 'A shaped', with vertical seams running from the waist or shoulders to the bottom of the skirt.  The degree of flare in the skirt can vary from slight to extreme and the bodice is often fitted.

Flared: This style skirt is full and flares out from the waist.

Ballgown: Ball gowns are the most traditional style of skirt for the bride who is after a classic, elegant look.  The skirt's appearance can vary depending on the fabric used and range from structured and heavy looking to soft and light.  This style of skirt is often combined with a fitted bodice and natural or dropped waistline.

Empire: The empire line dress is for brides who don't want a figure-hugging gown. The skirt starts just below the bust and is not as full as the ball gown, the fabric instead falling softly from the bustline to the ankles.

Short: Simply cut, this knee-length, slim skirt would suit a less formal, daytime wedding.

Slim: The slim, column-like design is for brides who want a modern, chic look. The slim profile closely follows the body's curves and looks flattering on tall, slim or petite brides.

Sheath: This style skirt is less formal, usually with little to no flare, and ends a few inches above the ankles.

Drape: Similar to the cowl neckline, soft swathes of material lie across the hips, forming a gentle curve of light folds over the navel, above a slim and elegant skirt that falls straight to the ankles.

Tiered: The Tiered skirt is comprised of crisp layers of material that give the illusion of overlapping petals of a flower from hip to knee, before narrowing at the ankles.

Trumpet: This style of skirt closely hugs the hips before dramatically widening to echo the distinctive shape of a trumpet as the soft hemline pools upon the floor.

Mermaid: Figure hugging from the waistline, the mermaid style flares out below the knee to give the illusion of a mermaid's tail.

Cape: Just as a regular cape gathers at the neck, yet reveals the clothing beneath, so this skirt-within-a-skirt has an outer layer of material, gathered at the waist and with a front parting to reveal a shorter, cocktail-length skirt beneath. Very dramatic.
ballgown / mermaid / trumpet / empire / a-line / sheath / flared / tiered / short / drape / slim / cape


Written in neat handwriting in Morporkian:
soft Genuan blue    cobalt blue         dark blue           sienna
midnight black      pale yellow         off-white           purple
chestnut brown      bright red          sea green           black
eggshell blue       slate grey          burgundy            sepia
bright yellow       aquamarine          wine red            cream
bright orange       light pink          sky-blue            lilac
flamingo pink       mint green          cerulean            peach
marbled white       dark green          rose red            azure
forest green        pale green          lavender            white
Genuan bleen        chartreuse          dark red            ivory
lemon yellow        true white          lavender            ochre
bright green        terracotta          scarlet             ebony
apple white         blood red           fuchsia             pink
olive green         moonlight           indigo              ecru
light green         navy blue           bronze              gold
Genuan blue         pale blue           violet              jade
dark orange         pale rose           copper              
bright blue         ivy green           silver              
pale orange         turquoise           maroon              


Written in neat handwriting in Morporkian:
weapon master's     warrior's           shadowy             small
neatly tailored     wizard's            Sekkite             puffy
loose-fitting       feathery            crinkly             suave
adventurer's        feminine            Hattian             thick
overpowering        majestic            magical             stiff
Lancrastrian        crinkled            Pishite             short
comfortable         starched            flowing             sheer
Uberwaldean         hunter's            Fishite             saucy
understated         sensible            Genuan              tight
shimmering          priest's            medium              shiny
iridescent          military            classy              thin
assassin's          innocent            sporty              cute
impressive          virginal            Gappic              long
Gufnorkian          ruffled             bright              dark
skintight           guard's             demure              soft
colourful           stylish             formal              sexy
revealing           thief's             fluffy              pale
Auriental           low-cut             simple              lacy
Klatchian           witch's             sleek               deep
oversized           elegant             large               big


Written in neat handwriting in Morporkian:
Llamedosian knots   sequinned           ribbon              jewel
broderie anglaise   feathered           floral              pearl
flower-pattern      diamonds            swirly              lace
ornate jewels       rainbow             fluffy              silk
rose-pattern        taffeta             braid               cord
embroidered         tassel              satin               none


Written in neat handwriting in Morporkian:
colourful    silver       bronze       satin        bone         opal
diamond      badger       small        large        silk         frog
womble       medium       ivory        plain        gold         none


Written in neat handwriting in Morporkian:
embroidered roses   petite bows         glitter             pearls
bronze buckles      metal studs         sequins             lace
silver buckles      diamonds            frills              none
stylish tears       emeralds            jewels              
gold buckles        diamante            rubies              


An option typically chosen by brides, but also available to all is to have a train attached.  This can be made in the following ways:

Cathedral: A cascading train extending six to eight feet behind the gown, for the most formal weddings.

Chapel: The most popular of all train lengths, it flows from three to four feet behind the gown.

Court: A train extending one foot beyond the hemline of the gown.

Extended: A train that is longer than four feet in length.

Sweep Train: The shortest train, barely sweeping the floor.

Watteau Train: A train falling from the shoulder blades to the hemline of the gown.

Or with the following materials:

Silk, lace, and satin.  Or of course, none.
cathedral / trailing / extended / flowing / watteau / chapel / satin / court / stiff / sweep / short / silk / lace / long / none


yes / no


Once you are finished, Janice will give you a piece of paper.

This is a nice piece of sketching paper, on which is drawn a picture of a beautiful woman wearing an iridescent sea green damask silk formal kimono.
The dress itself is drawn in great detail, and looks like:
Made from the finest sea green damask silk, this is a formal kimono of the best workmanship.  The plain bodice is complemented by a high neck.  The sleeves are long, while the skirt is cut in a slim fashion.  A finely stitched pearl trim runs around the edges.  
It appears to have something written on it.
The iridescent sea green damask silk formal kimono has two side pockets.
It is in excellent condition.
It appears to have something written on it.

read paper
You read the piece of sketching paper:
Written in cursive, signed by Janice in Morporkian is some text you read as:
Janice Kicklebury (MI.)

You may then choose whether you want to order the dress or not.