Intrinsic Butterfly

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Intrinsic Butterfly can be found at the top of the high tower, also known as the tower of the gods or the tall red tower, which is overlooking the Imperial District in Bes Pelargic.

To reach it from below you need to climb the trellis from the Tier of Natural Beauty and Life with the high altar to Pishe.

Intrinsic Butterfly was once an Agatean noble Lady who rose into the highest levels of society.  One night, she was visited in a dream by a mysterious spirit who told her to become a prophetess and soothsayer.  Unfortunately it turned out that she had absolutely no talent whatsoever for prophecy, but this doesn't stop her making unlikely and controversial statements.  She regularly forecasts the end of the world, and doesn't seem at all dismayed when nothing at all happens.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
You can't help but notice the fact that she has no warts upon her face.
Wearing : a pair of zori and a flaming red dress.

Intrinsic Butterfly exclaims in Agatean: Aieee!  The Disc will end on... Thursday!
Intrinsic Butterfly mumbles to herself.

It is possible to confirm that she is a witch because of the warts line (even if she has none) and because trying to teach her the witch-only commands reveals that she already knows them.