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Command information
GP Cost 100
Learnt At Varies between specialisations
Skills Used covert.items.weapons (except chop)
covert.stealth.** (chop)
fighting.range.{thrown|fired} (ranged/musical)
fighting.melee.dagger (stab)
fighting.melee.sword (behead)
fighting.unarmed.grappling (garrot)
fighting.unarmed.striking (chop)
Items Needed Weapons that allow inhumes
Guild Assassin Guilds

Inhume is an assassin-only command used to close contracts.

  • When it is learned depends on the assassin specialisation.
  • Whether a weapon is usable for an inhumation can be found through the judge command.


inhume <sucker> with <weapon>
inhume <sucker> by performing with <instrument>

inhume <sucker> by stabbing with <weapon> - for assassins
inhume <sucker> by beheading with <weapon> - for hashishim
inhume <sucker> by garroting with <weapon> - for mano rossa
inhume <sucker> with ninja chop - for ninja

Learnt at

The inhume command isn't learnt at a specific level but it does vary between the specialisations.

Types of inhume

There are three major types of inhume: ranged inhume, musical inhume and special inhume. There is also the Vetinari inhume which is even more special.

  • Weapons must be held, and fired weapons loaded.
  • Any weapon or ammunition used to inhume that can contain poison must be filled with a fatal poison to have a chance of a successful inhume.
Ranged inhume

A ranged inhume can be performed by any assassin who has learnt the command inhume.

  • It requires you to to use a ranged weapon, which is fired or thrown, and uses the relevant range skill.
  • A ranged inhume is the one of two types of inhume that has the possibility for you to remain anonymous.
Musical inhume

A musical inhume is similar to a ranged inhume except it uses a special type of lethal musical instrument which is bought from the Kompt de Yoyo.

  • A musical inhume uses a range skill (fired or thrown dependent on the instrument) and the relevant musical skill.
  • A musical inhume may allow you to remain anonymous should you pass the hiding skillcheck.
  • There is an achievement for performing this type of inhume.
Special inhume

A special inhume is a type of inhume that is unique to each specialisation and that uses a different skill and different weapon or unarmed.

Vetinari inhume

A Vetinari inhume isn't possible to purposely execute. It occurs when you expertly pass every skillcheck and is reminiscent of Vetinari's inhume of Lord Winder in Night Watch.

  • It varies between specialisations but the unique thing to this type of inhume is that you are scaring your victims to death.
  • There is an achievement for performing this type of inhume.

It is at least similar to, if not another example of, a fluke success of an action.

These skills are also used in the final stage against the victim's or fighting.unarmed.grappling in the case of garroting.

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