Inhumation certificate

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A bit of paper you get when you graduate the run.

You can get replacement certificates at no cost from the Assassins' Guild secretary in the office by asking nicely.

When looking at it, you'll see:

A thick piece of parchment with a black silk ribbon border and the
Assassins' Guild seal embossed on it.  This certificate proves that the bearer
is a graduated Assassin.  Assassins are to carry it with them at all times, and
it will keep a record of any and all inhumations the Assassin carries out for
the Guild.  You could also review the charter of rules adopted by the Guild of
It appears to have something written on it.

Reading it will produce a list of people you have inhumed:

This is to certify that <your name> has graduated from the Ankh-Morpork Guild of
  <assessing teacher>.

For the Guild of Assassins you have inhumed:

Albert             Dibbler            Jack x4            Ned x4         
Blithesome x4      Hoff               Lag                Sokkard        
For a total of 17 inhumes.

For a grand total of: 17 inhumes.