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Ingredients can be any objects such as herbs, spice, fruits, flowers, vegetables, seeds, roots, mushrooms, spices, body parts and other substances, that can be gathered or otherwise obtained from plants, animals, minerals or purchased in shops.

They can be used for spells, teas, commands, sausage missions and probably many other uses. Many can be eaten. Some may not have known uses (for now).

Ingredients are often continuous objects, which means they only count as one object even if there are many for inventory or container limits.

You may need to grind some ingredients, often the case for herbs, to use them. Grinding also prevents most things (not coffee grounds) from decaying.

For some ingredients like body parts, you'll need to preserve, pickle or keep in airtight or cooling containers to prevent them from rotting away (and disappearing).


  • A spice can be a seed, fruit, root, bark, or other plant substance primarily used for flavouring, colouring or preserving food.
  • An herb may be the leaves, flowers, or stems from plants used for flavouring or as a garnish.
  • A body part, which can be referred to as bit or together bits, can be obtained from a corpse when holding a knife. Most of them rot and decay in time.
  • A fruit is a fleshy seed-associated structure in flowering plants. On the mud you can eat fruits and feed them to giant fruitbats. Some are poisonous.
  • A vegetable can be used for all edible plant matter, but it usually does not include fruits, flowers, nuts, and cereal grains.
  • A flower or bloom is the reproductive structure of flowering plants.
  • A liquid is often used in a recipe to modify substance(s).