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The inform command lets you be informed of various events, causing you to be sent a short message when they happen.


"Inform" by itself will list the events you're currently being informed of, and the events you're not currently being informed of but could be.

"Inform <string>"--e.g. "inform friend"--will toggle informs for a specific type of event. So, if you're not currently being informed of that event, it will turn it on, and if you are, it will turn it off.

Available informs

First, there's the set of informs that everyone has available to them:

  • logon: informs you when someone logs on or off.
  • new-player: informs you when someone logs on for the first time
  • birthday: informs you when someone logs in on their birthday, if they have set it
  • council:
  • friend: informs you when someone on your friends list logs on or off.
  • guild-logon: informs you when someone in the same guild and specialization logs on or off.
  • cpu: sends you periodic informs about cpu usage, fault rate, lag, reclaimed objects, and cleaning idle rooms
  • achievement: informs you when someone gets an achievement of at least "moderate" level, or when a new achievement is added to the game
  • blog: informs you when a new post is made on one of the developer blogs
  • event: informs you when a new event is added, or when it's almost time for an existing one to start
  • group-request: informs you when someone makes a group request
  • roleplaying: informs you when someone uses the roleplaying command to add or remove themselves from the list of active roleplayers.

Witches also get a special inform, "mockery". This lets them see what other witches say when mocking.