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Command information
GP Cost Spell cost for hag stones
Spell cost + 50 for small magick crystals
Spell cost + 100 for large magick crystals
Learnt At Level 10 in magic.items.talisman
Skills Used magic.items.talisman + skills used by spell
Items Needed Hag stone or magick crystal
Guild Witches' Guild

Witches use the imbue command to contain a spell within a hag stone or magick crystal. It is taught by Nanny Ogg at level 10 in magic.items.talisman.

Imbue and hag stones

Small hag stones

Witches can imbue any witch spell other than a trick into an empty small hag stone. This stores the spell in the hag stone. Any witch may later educe the spell from the hag stone to her mind, provided that:

  • She is of sufficient level to learn the spell.
  • She doesn't already have the spell memorised.
  • She has sufficient mind space for the spell.

Imbuing a small hag stone costs the same amount of GP as the relevant spell.

Large hag stones

Large hag stones cannot hold ordinary spells, but are instead able to retain tricks. Note that they are also a necessary part of making the trick in the first place. As with small hag stones, any witch can educe a trick from a large hag stone once it has been imbued.

Imbuing a large hag stone costs the same amount of GP as the relevant trick.

Imbue and magick crystals

Witches can imbue any of a specific set of spells into an empty magick crystal. Once imbued, the spell cannot be educed back out of the relevant crystal.

When an imbued magick crystal is worn, it confers effects related to the imbued spell onto the wearer. Note that the wearer may be anyone; they do not have to be a witch. The effects confered by a worn crystal may be very similar to that of the related spell (for example, Hag's Blessing), or they may be substantially different (for example, Granny Lipintense's Layer of Lard).

Imbuing a spell into a magick crystal costs the sum of the following

  • The GP cost of the relevant spell.
  • An additional 50 GP for a small crystal, 100 GP for a large crystal.

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