Il Drim

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Il Drim is a small Klatchian fishing village. It is the starting location for players with Omnian, Istanzian, or Ephebian[1] nationality.


Il Drim is on a small loop in the Klatch Road, southeast of the Chronides farmstead.


Ephebian is spoken here, and Ephebian currency is used here.


A track leads into Il Drim from the south, heading quickly to the carriage stop. Continuing north from the carriage stop is the jetty. To the west are two shacks--one of them a shop--and to the east are a general store and a tavern.


The Djelibeybi Caravan stops here, in the centre of the village.

The West Circle Sea Ferry stops here, at the end of the jetty.

Shops and facilities

  • The Sales Shack sells fish, a few light sources, an iron dory, and a couple of containers. It is located two west and one south of the carriage shop.
  • The Il Drim general store is one east and one south of the carriage stop. It doubles as a post office, and you can exchange a voucher for a talker here.
  • The Il Drim tavern is two east of the carriage stop. It sells food and drink.


  • A mackerel seller is at the carriage shop, selling mackerels.
  • Sirajud Deen runs the Sales Shack.
  • Al Jal Freeza runs the general store.
  • Jassim al-Naseri runs the tavern.
  • Various fishermen, geriatrics, and cats are also in the village.

Other items of interest

To the east of the carriage stop is a climbable tree.

Outside the Sales Shack is a fire pit from which you can scrape ashes, if you have a shovel. There also seems to be an iron boathook lying here.

From the jetty, you can "dive off" to enter the ocean. This uses 10 gp and checks against tumbling skill.


  1. Aside from players starting in "the Ephebian desert" or in "Ephebe", who start in the Oasis and in Ephebe itself, respectively.