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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains information about idlechasing, which now returns less xp and is no longer possible by sharing experience in a group due to changes[1] to the game.

Since the change all commands that give xp typically return 20 times (or less) the cost in GP and command xp is no longer shared.
The creators have proposed missions as a way to gain experience without combat.

Personal idlechasing that gives 20 times the gp cost is still possible and these pages still contain interesting information on using commands, keeping in mind the differences outlined above.

We have established that idlechasing is a good thing ... but where can we do it most effectively?


People can idle wherever they want, and under whatever circumstances they want. This page simply explores the known advantages and disadvantages of a few.

Idlechasing Locations

There are several factors to consider.


Dying while idlechasing is counterproductive for you AND your groupmates! As is having any idling paraphernalia stolen.


In Ankh-Morpork, Ilik can steal from people, and Nadow has poisoned idlechasers in the cafe. Watchmen have also been known to wander into the cafe, which can be annoying for wanted idlers (particularly ones who are afk).

Player Killers

PKs can be stolen from or killed almost anywhere, and are particularly vulnerable if idling. As such, they are targeted by some criminals. They can cope by idling in safe locations.

Guild Member Needs

Some guilds have special needs!


  1. Training dummy - Assassins have several combat commands that are much easier with a dummy vs a shearer.
  2. Theft friendly - Any non-thieves that want to steal have to leave AM.


  1. Altars
  2. Lots of little corpses


  1. Theft-friendly - Thieves have to put it on quota.
  2. Training dummy - Thieves have several combat commands they can use.


  1. Training dummy - Almost all of their commands need one.


  1. Not a small room - Circle is one of their few 30x commands, and can't happen in a confined space.
  2. Hedgehog Compatible - They get in trouble for it in AM. Anywhere else is safe.


  1. Grey dust - Used for one of their few 30x commands and currently only available in AM. Recharge is no longer viable for idlechasing.
  2. Can need to move around semi-frequently, because of background magic.


It can be hard for warriors, assassins, and thieves to get around, and we also want newbies to be able to find us easily.



  1. Easily Accessible
  2. The traditional location for idlechasing
  3. Scouter teaches here (but has not logged in for 174 days and counting), but Lanfear moved
  4. PKs can be attacked or stolen from
  5. NPKs can be arrested, poisoned, or stolen from by NPCs
  6. Witches cannot idlechase effectively due to not being able to circle (one of their best GP->XP commands, 30x 100gp)

Cons: Unsafe for PKs, somewhat unsafe for NPKs, ineffective for witches. All of these cons potentially reduce XP generation.

Pros: Easy to access, traditional, and close to Scouter. Only ease of access potentially increases XP generation.

Location from The Mended Drum: 6s, w, 2nw, ne. A "Cafe" or "HoH" group might be in that room, west, or up.

Assassins' Guild (Ankh-Morpork)

  1. Easily Accessible
  2. Relatively safe from unprovoked PK threats
  3. Safe from all known NPK threats
  4. Some auto-inhume rooms: don't walk into them and they are no threat
  5. Outdoor and indoor rooms where witches can circle

Cons: Some players are opposed to the idea of PKs having any safety while idlechasing, newbies might get lost and run into a trapped room. Lost newbies dying potentially reduces XP.

Pros: Easily accessible, relatively safe, witches can circle, All of these factors potentially increase xp generation.

Location 1

Large circle-able basement: Location from the Mended Drum: 5e, ne, s, se, 3e, down

directions from basement location #1 to rooftop location #2: up, w, 6s, e, 4up, west

Location 2

When thaums get too high and the tentacle monsters start getting curious:

Circle-able rooftop area: Location from the Mended Drum: 5e, ne, s, se, 2e, 6s, e, 4up, west - slightly more traffic, though still rare. Also, outside, so bring warm clothes if needed.

directions from rooftop location #2 to basement location #1: e, 4down, w, 6n, e, down

Djelian Guard Dummy

  1. Moderately Accessible( All taxis will have this location)
  2. Training Dummy (see note in Idlechasing etiquette)
  3. Relatively Theft Friendly (can steal from other players, and anyone else if you don't mind a walk in the desert)
  4. Unsafe for PKs
  5. Safe for NPKs
  6. Too small to circle

Cons: Unsafe for PKs, witches can't circle. These factors may decrease XP generation.

Pros: Training dummy, theft options, Safe for NPKs. All of these factors may increase XP generation.

Location form DJB crossroads:

Lancre Highland Regiment Dummy

  1. Moderately Accessible
  2. Training Dummy (see note in Idlechasing etiquette)
  3. Completely Theft Friendly
  4. Unsafe for PKs
  5. Safe for NPKs
  6. Basic services of a town, one player shop, extras for witches
  7. Outside, witches can circle
  8. Cold during winter nights

Cons: Unsafe for PKs, only basic services, sometimes cold. Lack of safety may decrease the XP rate.

Pros: Training dummy, perfectly theft friendly, witches can circle, safe for NPKs. All of these factors may increase XP rate.

Location from the Lancre Town carriage stop: 2e, s, sw

Samurai Training Room

  1. Moderately Accessible (All/most taxis will have this location and rickshaws will take you here)
  2. Limited-use dummy (can "practice" certain commands, probably unarmed specials, on it)
  3. May be theft friendly
  4. Probably unsafe for PKs
  5. Witches can circle
  6. Boards and buckets of sand that can be used to tm at lowish levels and fi.un.striking

Cons: Unsafe for PKs, dummy can't be attacked normally

Pros: In CWC so probably theft-friendly for the time being, witches can circle, no apparent NPK threats, room has some special commands.

Location: From entrance of dojo: north, west.

Aunty Ogg-San's hut

  1. Moderately Accessible
  2. Brewing facilities and ingredients
  3. Witches can circle
  4. May be theft friendly
  5. Probably unsafe for PKs

Cons: Unsafe for PKs, no particular advantages for non-witches.

Pros: Witches can brew, circle, and hedgehog here, and Aunty Ogg-San is a witch teacher, making this a good spot for witch groups. The hut is in CWC so it's probably theft-friendly for the time being.

Directions from Blue Moon Park: 7 east;7 south;3 northeast;2 east;2 south;3 east;north


  1. Not especially safe for PKs (can find with "find" ritual, or somewhat less easily with any type of scrying, and no restrictions on stealing/killing)
  2. Completely theft friendly
  3. Lots of easy corpses nearby for priests to ritbury
  4. Outside - Can circle
  5. Barely Accessible
  6. No services
  7. May have aggressive npcs, depending on terrain:
    • Sto Plains plains/cabbage fields: wild boars (only attack some of the time), and bandits on roads at night.
    • Sto Plains forests: wolf groups.
    • Ramtops moorland and plains: evil trolls at night, possibly brigands as well.
    • Ramtops moorland and forests: moose(only attack some of the time).
    • Klatchian savanna/plains: rogue bull elephants.
  8. Can be cold and/or dark depending on season and time of day

Cons: Not safe for PKs, barely accessible, no services, may be cold or dark, may have aggressive npcs. Lack of accessibility may decrease XP rates

Pros: Corpses proximate, can circle, theft-friendly. All three factors may increase XP rates.

Secret Locations

  1. Moderately Safe for PKs
  2. Very Low Accessiblity


  1. No default locations will be imposed. The above data is a simple list of advantages and disadvantages, which can be added to.
  2. The cafe offers fewer xp-relevant advantages than the nearby alternatives (AM assassins guild), but may be preferred by many due to tradition and proximity to teachers.
  3. The DJB dummy location and Lancre dummy location are about the same. Both locations are about as difficult to get to, but Lancre allows for more theft at the trade off of fewer services and very cold temps at times.
  4. A location in or near the AM terrains could be useful for priests. The beach next to Holy Wood is especially useful for a lot of big groups of birds and crabs that can be killed and taken to the group for ritual burial.

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