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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains information about idlechasing, which now returns less xp and is no longer possible by sharing experience in a group due to changes[1] to the game.

Since the change all commands that give xp typically return 20 times (or less) the cost in GP and command xp is no longer shared.
The creators have proposed missions as a way to gain experience without combat.

Personal idlechasing that gives 20 times the gp cost is still possible and these pages still contain interesting information on using commands, keeping in mind the differences outlined above.

So! You would like to start idlechasing, but you don't have enough spells, rituals, and commands to fill out your alias properly? Never fear; you still have some tools available. With a little effort, you'll be able to get the eleven commands necessary for the full benefit of idling.

(Only particularly easy and cheap things are listed here. For more ideas, check the Command list for idlechasing.)


Getting a map will provide you with three commands: study, consult, and locate.

The cheapest maps available are the Old Circle Sea map (for $7.50 at Batchev's World of Maps on Ankh Street) and the map of Klatch (for DjToon 15.00 in the papayrus stall that's sometimes in the Djelibeybi bazaar).

Remember, too, that you don't have to actually be in the area covered by the map to benefit from command xp from using it, but not being in the right area may stop you from getting tms from it.


A wooden whistle is the best idlechasing instrument you can get if you don't already have musical skills. It doesn't need to be tuned, and has four commands: blow, play, perform solo, and serenade. Of course, serenade only works on a living target other than yourself. Some choices for serenading:

  • Pets
  • Shoulder pets (you can get caterpillar and snail ones for free by searching in the garden of the Artificers' Guild in Sto Lat, although it may take several tries)
  • Tzere (not recommended; only if you're certain you'll do all your idling in the cafe with him)

Wooden whistles can be bought from the witch stall in Ohulan Cutash for Lp 3 1/4, or from a toy shop on Rue Ephebe in Genua for 13Gc (be sure to get the cheaper "unusual wooden whistle" that looks like, "This is a small whistle. It appears to be made of rowan wood." The other whistle sold here is not an instrument).


Search isn't a great command, but it's one you automatically have, so don't discount it if you're short one.

Learnt commands

Here are some commands that, while they need to be learned, are learned at low levels and easy to get.

Slip, palm, and plant

You can get these three at only three levels of covert.manipulation.passing. Remember--for slipping, you don't have to slip to another living thing; you can also slip items to the ground or from your hand(s). If you have a holdable thing, you can palm it, then slip it from your hands. Or, you can slip an object to the ground/a container, then palm it back.

Plant is trickier to use, but quite doable if you have a pet: just remember to pick up the item again after they drop it.


This command can be learned with ten levels of covert.hiding.person and has no special requirements.


This command can be learned with ten levels of covert.stealth, although it does require a living thing. Pets are a good choice for this. Shoulder pets can't be peeked at while in your inventory, but you can drop them and peek at them.

Judge and vurdere

These can be learned at five levels of adventuring.evaluating.weapons and adventuring.evaluating.armour, respectively. Surprising things (like candles, crayons, or sewing needles) count as weapons; "locate weapons" will tell you what you have on you that counts. If you don't think you have any armour, don't worry--jewellery counts as armour for purposes of vurdering, so you can just get a brass ring.

Faith commands

Priests and followers automatically have two useful commands: pray and hold baton. A baton doesn't have to be fully charged to use gp when held; praying into it once is enough for this purpose.


If you know a language other than your native one, and you aren't perfect in it yet, you can spend gp by listening or reading that language. Ephebian is the simplest and cheapest to learn for native Morporkian speakers, and Morporkian is the simplest and cheapest to learn for everyone else. You can buy dictionaries in any language except Klatchian from the shop in the Language Institute in Bes Pelargic for 4Rh 20s each.

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