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Someone being idle for a certain amount of time means that they haven't sent anything to the MUD in that amount of time. "Idle" is also a command that tells you how long a player has been idle. Finally, there is an idle soul.

Sending anything to the MUD, even a failed command or a blank line, resets your idle time.


idle <player>

The command just tells you how long a single player has been idle.

Effects of being idle

If you are two minutes or more idle, anyone sending you a tell will get a message that you are idle, and for how long (although the tell is still sent). Also, if someone uses who or whois on you, it will say how long you have been idle.

If you are five minutes or more idle, there are more significant effects.

  • You will stop getting shared xp from groupmates, and you will stop assisting in fights if you are on group assist.
  • You will not be able to automatically teach people, even if you have auto-teach enabled.
  • If you have anything in your queue, it will be cleared when you reach five minutes idle.

Finally, regular players will be logged out automatically when they have been idle for thirty minutes(Creators can be idle for longer before being logged out). This is called idling out, and has a special message associated with it.

What others see:

Player has been idle for too long; she vanishes in a puff of boredom.

What you see:

You idled out, sorry.