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The Lancre Hunters' Outpost map by Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar


The Lancre Hunters attract a wide variety of members, ranging from common outlaws to animal lovers, to hunters, to those who just look good in tights. As such they tend to be a rather unpredictable lot, aside from their unifying distaste for city life and human society.


Located in the dense midst of Lancre Forest, the Hunters' Outpost is northeast of Ohulan Cutash in the Ramtops area.

Playing Style

The Hunters guild focuses on both combat as well as hunting and wandering the forests in which the Hunters' Outpost is located. This guild is recommended for Numberchasers and players who enjoy hunting, tracking down prey and fighting with swords, daggers, axes and maces while wearing lighter weight armour.

Using sword or dual swords along with parrying and dagger or dual daggers with dodging is recommended for new Hunters.

As well, players interested in the hunting, tanning and dyeing lifestyle should keep a small knife or dagger close by to help skin their prey as well as other equipment needed for tanning.


Joining the guild is a fairly simple task, achieved by typing 'join' when you go upstairs and then east to the Hunter's recruitment room where Hawkseye Uggsworth resides.

Upon joining, he will give you a booklet detailing information about the Lancre Hunters that you can read.


You can learn new commands and advance your skills upstairs in the Hunters Training Area where Benny the Wolf resides.

Typing 'help here' will show you a list of commands you can use to learn and advance skills. Type 'say teach me please' in this room to see if you can learn new commands.

All warriors can learn and advance their skills from Benny, not just Hunters


The Hunters offers several facilities on its ground floor and on its upper floor:

  • The Hunters Smithy where you can fix weapons, armours and tools.
  • The Hunters Tannery where you can leatherwork leather armour, clothes and items.
  • The Hunters Training Area where you can advance skills and learn commands from Benny the Wolf.
  • The Hunters Trader shop where Lida sells a wide range of weapons, armours, clothes, tanning and other equipment. Non-Hunters can also purchase items here.
  • The Hunters recruitment room has a bulletin board with news and messages from the various warrior guilds.
    • Type 'look board' to see what messages are on there.
    • You can type 'read [number of message]' to see what a person has written.
    • Type 'help board' to learn more.
  • A skin trader shop where you can sell tanned skins to Geraldine for higher prices than other general stores.
    • See Tanning for more info.
    • Despite this room being listed as a general store, you can not sell anything other than tanned skins to Geraldine.
    • There is also a blackboard here which records Hunter players (including those who no longer exist on the Disc) who have sold skins to Geraldine and how many they have sold.
    • You can type 'look blackboard' to see the records.

Newbie Chest

The Hunters' newbie chest is a crate in the Hunters' tannery. The crate can be accessed by non-Hunters warriors as well.

Items sold here

The Hunters Trader shop sells these items: