Hublandish Barbarians

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In-Game Helpfile

Nomadic and somewhat primitive, the Barbarians have a well-deserved reputation for sacking, pillaging, and tracking mud inside other people's homes. These hardy men and women can be found camping in caves near the hub for the spring and summer, but migrate to the Hubland Steppes in the colder months.

Hublandish barbarian summer and winter camps

Located far from civilisation, the Hublandish barbarian camps can be difficult to find for those seeking to join.

The summer camp (which is also occupied in spring) is in a cave to the southeast of Oolskunrahod which is far far far east of Brass Neck.

The winter camp (which is also occupied in autumn) is to the east of Fiddlyfjord which is far far far east/southeast of Uberwald.

Whenever one is occupied, there will be a tannery, a smithy, a pub, and a store that sells weapons, armor, scabbards, and miscellaneous items available for use. Otherwise, the camp will be empty of any the usual NPCs as they will be at the other camp.

To join, look for Feather Ramkin.

A custom axe maker by the name of Mr Smith also resides at the camps as well as the hero-in-his-own-lifetime, Cohen the Barbarian.

Hugh runs a dice game which you can start by rolling the dice. You can win the following prizes:


This is the only Warrior specialisation lacking Fighting.special.tactics as a primary skill.