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House of Magic map by Quow

The House of Magic is a branch of the Ankh-Morpork Unseen University in Creel Springs, a village in the Ramtops.


Non-wizards will find that the stairs turn into a slide and require rock climbing skills to get to the upper levels where the shop is located.

  • A 255 bonus is enough to succeed about half the time. Climbing gear that raises climbing bonuses helps.


A shop Magic and Meddlers' Shop, which is an oft-neglected source of, among other things, purple mineral nuggets, blue crystal rings, pink crystal rings, carrots.

Example inventory:

  A: an old staff for &&&&&&&&&&&&+318 Ls 2|2 1/2 (four left).
  B: a red beach towel for &&&&&&&&&&&&+399 Ls 2|9 1/4 (nine left).
  C: an elegant golden plume for &&&&&&&&&&&&+999 Ls 6|11 1/4 (one left).
  D: a deep blue leather-bound book for &&&&&&&&&&&+7998 LC 4|7|6 1/2 (five left).
  E: an orange sliver of octiron for &&&&&&&&&&+24999 LSov 1|2|5|7 1/4 (six left).
  F: a small string bag for &&&&&&&&&&&+3219 LC 1|10|4 1/4 (three left).
  G: a black shell for &&&&&&&&&&&&+999 Ls 6|11 1/4 (three left).
  H: a purple mineral nugget for &&&&&&&&&&+27498 LSov 1|3|10|11 1/2 (one left).
  I: a blue crystal ring for &&&&&&&&&&+90498 LSov 4|4|4|5 1/2 (one left).
  J: a red staff for &&&&&&&&&&&+7998 LC 4|7|6 1/2 (one left).
  K: a blue funnel for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+48 Lp 4 (five left).
  L: a Klein bottle cosy for &&&&&&&&&&&+1998 LC 1|1|10 1/2 (two left).
  M: a mobius strap for &&&&&&&&&&&+1998 LC 1|1|10 1/2 (two left).
  N: a quill for &&&&&&&&&&&&+999 Ls 6|11 1/4 (eleven left).
  O: one block of sulphur for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+75 Lp 6 1/4 (twenty-two left).
  P: a carrot for &&&&&&&&&&&&+150 Ls 1|1/2 (eleven left).
  Q: a wooden ring for &&&&&&&&&&&&+198 Ls 1|4 1/2 (eight left).


It is possible for wizards to advance in the laboratory.


In the attic, you can enter the flue in the chimney to be transported to the Chancellor's office in the Illusionary Institute of Learning.

The flue in the kitchen leads to the admissions office of Unseen University.

Absent features

There is no: