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One of the five noble families in Bes Pelargic. Players can join the Hongs to gain a line in their title, money, and experience - as well as the use of the perks located in the family estate. The unique perks vary per family, but generally include things such as a mail/contract room, kitchens, gardens, and teachers you can advance from.


The symbol used by the Hong family is a lotus blossom, it can be found on family kimonos and crests.

The family colours are shades of red and cherry blossom pink.

Family kimono [1]

This kimono marks the wearer out as belonging to the Hong Family. It is in the Hong colours of red and cherry blossom pink, with the family emblem, a lotus blossom, embroidered on the chest. The Hong family kimono has two side pockets.


The Hong family looks for individuals with skills in tactics - thus, very prone to having varied warriors and other guilds with it as a primary.

According to Zai: You need about 170 levels of tactics (243 bonus), guild level 75. Lower tactics and guild level did not work for him.

The Hong Family Estate

The Estate is in southwest BP/Hong Fa district, southwards from the Silk Market and a Doctor. The main entrance is at 'Onetwolong Avenue at the entrance to the Hong Estate'.

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