Holy Weapon

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Holy Weapon
Ritual information
Deities Fish Sek
GP cost 90
Components holy symbol
Required powers Speech
Learned At 70 levels faith.rituals.offensive.target
Skills faith.rituals.offensive.target, faith.rituals.special
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Offensive
Steps 2
Targets objects
Description Infuses a weapon with holy radiance.
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help


The targeted weapon is temporarily filled with the power of your God, and does extra damage to those it is used against. The holy radiance of the item fries and scorches those it hits. Ignores magical impact shields and the stone skin spell, and can help remove Witch's bug shields. It also appears to ignore armour.

There are varying intensities of holy radiance, with brighter light being much harder on lightweight weapons. Known intensities in order of increasing power are Faint, Pale, Steady, Flickering and Bright holy light, followed by Intense then Incandescent holy flames. Preliminary research suggests only fa.ri.of.ta effects radiance intensity.

Damage done is reported using the fire-based attack messages - from weakest to strongest: Touch, Gently Scorch, Scorch, Sear, Crisp, Fry, Char, Roast, Burn, Painful Burn, Cremate, Incinerate, Vaporise

Each deity has different shades of holy radiance.

  • Pishe: Lilac, Violet, Lavender
  • Gufnork: Jade, Chartreuse, Emerald
  • Gapp: Saffron, Amber
  • Sandelfon: Silver, Ash Grey
  • Fish: Azure, Cerulean, Sapphire
  • Hat: Tangerine, Orange
  • Sek: Crimson, Ruby, Vermillion

If you look at a weapon with the ritual on it, it will say something like: It is glowing with bright vermillion holy light, flowing across it slowly.

  • The last part of the description indicates how close the ritual is to expiring; the faster the light, the less time remaining, and when it has almost run out it the light will be in rapid waves.

Whilst under the effect of the ritual, not all attacks will be holy, there will be a number of standard attacks as well. The proportion is rumoured to be related to the performers fa.ri.sp bonus. With recent changes to fix weapon speed bug, the proportion is now or again skill-based.

The holy light will disappear if the weapon leaves the performer's inventory.

The ritual is mostly ineffective against stone based life forms; at high bonuses a small amount of damage may be done.


> perform holy weapon on baton
You sing Fish's battle psalm.
You call upon Fish to fill your weapon with holy might.
The dull grey baton glows with a holy radiance.

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