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To celebrate the roundworld version of Hogswatch, a Hogswatch Tree is placed in the centre of Sto Lat's market. When it is defeated it drops gifts for those who helped fight it.

The Hogswatch Wish List is a player event run by Proeliator to help players get specific items that can only be gained from the tree.

How to request an item

Either contact Proeliator in-game or add your entry to the sheet!

Try to limit requests to 1 at a time, this is so that other players have a chance to get an item of their desire :)

It is preferred that you try to acquire the item yourself by joining in the festive fight, the more players that join in the fight the more presents are dropped!

To see a list of all known drops, see the page for the Hogswatch Tree

How are the items acquired?

A bathtub is usually put in the same room as the Hogswatch Tree, this is for unwanted presents players have recieved from the tree. I check the tub's contents and if I see an item in there that is on the Wish List i'll take it and either contact the player or post it to them.

There is no obligation for players to 'give up' the presents they have recieved from the tree.

Hogswatch Wish Lists

Wishlist for 2023