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Playtesters Domain Remodelled

News Announcement

Note #10 posted at Tue Jul 23 Title: "Playtesters Domain"


The playtesters domain is now open for player applications.  These can be made
in the usual way at the Patrician's Palace.  Just a brief reminder though:  You
make an application, then you get three people to vouch for you... once you've
done that, then your application is posted for comments and you will be
contacted by a member of the playtesting administration team regarding your

The domain has been remodelled a little in the past few months... you can find
some details in the latest Green Slab and on the playtester domain webpages at

If you have already submitted a playtester application that still has not been
processed, you will have to reapply to the domain... all previous applications
have been wiped because:

1) They were very old, and perhaps no longer valid
2) The domain that you will be applying into now is substantially different
from the domain you were applying into then.

If you have any questions about the application process or playtesting in
general, then please do not hesitate to contact myself (Drakkos) or one of the
appointed Playtester Executives (you will see their names in 'finger

Thx bye,

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