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Fighting Tree Change

News Announcement

Note #10 by Ceres at Sun Feb 8 16:50:32 2004 on board announcements
As you will have noticed we have a new fighting skill tree. When you first logged in the system migrated 
some of your skills from the old tree to the new one. However you have choices as to how some skills will 
be mapped. You can make these choices using the 'allocate' command.

There are two extremely important things to note:

1. Until you've used 'allocate' your guild level may be lower than it was before.

2. Any skill that you advance or TM before using allocate will not be a valid target for allocation.

eg. If you advance fighting.defence.parrying you will find that allocate will not allow you to put your 
old parry skill onto parrying.

In other words, do not delay, allocate immediately!

For more info visit http://w1.318.telia.com/~u31826345/warspecs/ 

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