Hilta Goatfounder's stall

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Hilta Goatfounder's stall is a small, black-draped stall in the NE corner of the Ohulan Cutash marketplace. It sells many useful witch items, as well as providing some witch facilities.

Items for sale

Hilta mostly sells pre-imbued magick crystals, as well as a miscellany of other magic items and witch spell components. Her sales list is as follows:

A: a divining bob for &&&&&&&&&&&+1500 Ls 105.
B: a wooden whistle for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+39 Lp 3 1/4.
C: a mortar and pestle for &&&&&&&&&&&&+798 Ls 56 1/2.
D: a small round stone for &&&&&&&&&&&&+222 Ls 16 1/2.
E: a large round stone for &&&&&&&&&&&&+798 Ls 56 1/2.
F: a crystal ball for &&&&&&&&&&+39999 LSov 11119 1/4.
G: a small crystal for &&&&&&&&&&&+9999 LC 595 1/4.
H: a large crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+39999 LSov 11119 1/4.
I: a small amber crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+26001 LSov 13-6 3/4.
J: a large amber crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+72000 LSov 358-.
K: a small amethyst crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+14001 LC 812 3/4.
L: a large amethyst crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+48000 LSov 2394.
M: a small aquamarine crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+14001 LC 812 3/4.
N: a large aquamarine crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+48000 LSov 2394.
O: a small emerald crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+18000 LC 105-.
P: a large emerald crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+56001 LSov 28410 3/4.
Q: a small jet crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+26001 LSov 13-6 3/4.
R: a large jet crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+72000 LSov 358-.
S: a small ruby crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+18000 LC 105-.
T: a large ruby crystal for &&&&&&&&&&+56001 LSov 28410 3/4.
U: a jar of sugar for &&&&&&&&&&&+3999 LC 239 1/4.
V: a sugar lump for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+39 Lp 3 1/4.
W: some comfrey for &&&&&&&&&&&&+498 Ls 35 1/2.
X: some yarrow for &&&&&&&&&&&&+498 Ls 35 1/2.
Y: a jar of honey for &&&&&&&&&&&+3999 LC 239 1/4.

Ordering tricks

Witches can order tricks from Hilta  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. , who will have them ready for collection in a few days. A trick can be ordered once it has been cast successfully by at least two witches.

See Goodie Whemper's Definitive List of Well Known Tricks on the mud website for tricks you can order.

The back room

There is a back room in Hilta's stall, which is accessible via 'enter doorway'. Only witches can enter it, like the trapdoor in Gennie Applebottom's cottage.

The back room has:

Searching the shelf will reveal a plain box, which has a random number of blank magick crystals (large and small) in it.