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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains information about hidden areas!
If you don't want to read spoilers about hidden areas then don't read further!

This is a guide on hidden areas or rooms that have not yet been recorded on maps or is usually not indicated or seemingly not reachable on maps or atlases which will include:

  • Innocent and non-dangerous hidden areas to explore.
  • Entrances to certain hidden dangerous zones, these will be marked out if its a dangerous zone.


  • On the eastern end of Cable Street where it meets Easy Street, there is an abandoned burnt down office that you can enter through the window:
    • You can type look window to confirm you're at the right place if you see a dark room.
    • Type crawl
    • Type window
    • You have to type crawl and type window to leave again
  • On the Northern end of Gleam St, you can access the locked empty(?) warehouses at the east and west sides if you are strong in melee
    • There is usually a man guarding here
    • If you kill him and grab the key from him, you can enter the warehouses to the east and west
  • The Rat Farm on The Soake, dangerous zone
  • On the south end of Tobacco Road
  • The east end of Trotters Lane
    • You can climb up from here but this is an extremely difficult climb for 190 bonus in adventuring.movement.climbing.rock
    • This is likely the way to reach the rooftops where Kodattai resides, or perhaps it leads to the place east of Kodattai's rooftop.
  • The south end of Pigsty Hill
    • Outside Holbrook's General Shop, you can climb on top of a poorly constructed shack roof by climb roof.
    • You can leave by climb down or just jump by down
    • You can jump here, especially effectively when you pry board loose with <object>
      • In the shack, the drawer of the counter contains an interesting key specked with flour which gives access to Kervin's backroom.
      • You can leave the shack by climbing out or up.
    • From the roof, you can climb further by climb up/northeast, climb northeast/vine/up till you're on the roof of the Pigsty Hill Apothecary.
      • You can leave the roof either by climbing downwards or jumping east.

How to reach Kodattai:

  • From the west end of Trotters Lane (this is east of the junction of Endless Street and Trotters Lane), go south into the alley (hidden exit).
  • From the alleyway behind Chester Copperpot's Tattoo Parlour, go east into the abandoned apartment building. (Some rats or other rather weak npcs might sometimes attack in this area.)
  • Go to the stairwell (s, s) and then to the roof (u, u). On the roof you might crash through the floor and fall back down, especially on the east rooms.
  • Go (n, n) to the northwest corner of the roof.
  • Jump north across the street. This uses vaulting. This gets you to the western rooftop room.
  • The roof has a steep slope and without enough balancing you will fall down to the street.
  • From the eastern rooftop where Kodattai wanders you can jump east. This vaulting skill check is much harder (239 bonus always fails).