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There are many useful templates which are used throughout the wiki. Some common ones are:

  • Money templates: These are used to display amounts of money such that there is a tooltip on mouseover showing the conversions to other types of currency.
  • Infoboxes: These are used for showing basic information about items, spells, and so on, in a nice table format.
  • Multiinfobox: This is a special template for putting multiple infoboxes on a page.
  • Template:!: This is for making a |. Using the symbol directly can interfere with formatting in places.
  • The Stub template: This is for indicating that an article is unfinished. It puts it in the special Article stubs category.
  • The Weightkey template: This is for use in sortable tables--it makes it so that you can sort by weight properly.
  • The Research template: This is for indicating that something could use some research.

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