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Being heavied refers to being disciplined by the Thieves' Guild enforcers, called heavies, for unlicensed theft in Ankh-Morpork.

Why / when

This occurs if you are not a thief on quota, you are in Ankh-Morpork and you try to use any of the stealing commands: steal, shoplift, snatch, filch, crack.

  • You might be punished instantly or later when you walk in front of a thieves' guild heavy.
  • Do not be fooled into thinking you are safe after Captain Carrot or other watchmen arrest you supposedly to "protect" you from the Thieves' Guild. The next time a thieves' guild heavy will see you they WILL punish you.
  • Thieves on leave that try to steal are considered to be doing unlicensed theft and will be heavied.
  • If you know that you are going to be heavied the recommendation is to take care of it so it does not happen when you least expect it. Store somewhere all your possessions and money (vault, banks), get rid of lice and come with nothing on your person to the room with the heavies (four west from the foyer of the Thieves' Guild).
  • Some npcs roaming the streets of Ankh-Morpork are thieves guild heavies.
  • You might not be heavied for actions done inside the grounds of other player guilds, like inside the grounds of the Assassins' Guild. research

It also might also happen if you are a thief and don't pay your fines for too long.

What happens

You will be automatically knocked unconscious (you cannot resist), taken down to 1 hp and 1 gp left and dumped head-first into the river. Since the Ankh river is mostly made of solids you will not sink.

  • Note that if you are infested with lice this takes 1 hp from you from time to time and might kill you if it happens at the wrong time.

In addition, all your money might be taken from you.

In addition, some or all of your inventory might be taken from you and put for sale in the heavy shop downstairs in the Thieves' Guild.

Where is your stuff / the heavy shop

Your money is gone.

The rest of your inventory, or most of it, is in the heavy shop. From the foyer it is four west, down and north.

If you are fast enough you'll have the opportunity to buy at least the majority of your equipment back through there, unless someone buys it first.

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