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Heatstroke is an affliction players suffer from when they stay too hot for too long.

Catching heatstroke

Staying in a hot area like the desert, especially near the stone column west of the oasis, will cause heatstroke if insufficient cooling clothes are worn or other measures are not taken. Some areas may still be too hot.

A convenient place to get heatstroke is Sek's high altar in Bes Pelargic, as it is "incredibly, unbelievably hot" there.


Heatstroke will eventually give -1 to both intelligence and wisdom, increasing to -2 in both somewhere around the point you are "close to death from extreme heatstroke", then increasing further to -3, then -4, then -5. The stat penalty can also go down while you still have heatstroke.

Heatstroke can kill and should not be taken lightly. If you are cooking rapidly and you are already warm, apply measures to immediately reduce your temperature.

Curing heatstroke

Standing somewhere cool and removing warm clothing is recommended. Getting wet also helps a little, which should happen automatically when you sweat because of the heat.

Priests can perform the ritual Cool repeatedly to reduce one's temperature.

Disease progression


Preventing heatstroke

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