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Warning.png WARNING: Slippery Hollow is a dangerous zone outside at night, when the headless horse rider tries to behead you with a flaming sword.

Slippery Hollow is a large town in the Ramtops, nestled between Mad Stoat, Lancre Town and Bad Ass

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Slippery Hollow is found close to the centre of the Ramtops region, between Mad Stoat, Lancre Town and Bad Ass.

Language and currency

The language in Slippery Hollow is Morporkian (with an Lancrastian accent). The local currency is Lancre money


Currently no player council governs Slippery Hollow, or regulates its player houses and shops. There is a Magistrate building with two magistrate NPCs in the town.

Crime and Punishment

Starting a fight in the The Moon Under Water Tavern can get you thrown out and knocked unconscious by Bruce the Bouncer, you are also unable to enter the tavern immediately after, attempts to enter will be greeted with this message:

You make a move towards the tavern but feel that perhaps it would be best to stay outside until things cool down again.  Just for a little while at least.

Thus if you were intending to hide out at the tavern for the night, it is not recommended to start a fight


You can journey there from Lancre Town by taking the Lancre Kingdom carriage.

Alternately, there is always old-fashioned walking.


All property in the Ramtops is handled from the real estate stall in the Lancre Town square.

The following conditions apply to real estate in the Ramtops:

  • Players with property elsewhere are ineligible to bid on types of property that they already own.
  • Property cannot be shared with those ineligible to bid, as above.
  • Players cannot bid on more than one property at a time.

Player housing

There is a road to the north containing 7 player houses.

Features of Slippery Hollow

The following can be found in Slippery Hollow:

  • A large number of stalls selling many things, located on the western side of the town in the market area.
  • Mail and parcel counter services are found in the post office west of commercial side street, past the stationery shop.

Smithies and repair locations include:

General stores:

  • A general store is found on the NW side of the market.
  • The leatherwork shop doubles as a general store specializing in leather (not pelts) items

The gardens of Agnetha Phedre's cottage and the Bell cottage on the other side of the road have gatherable herbs and vegetables.

Crossbow practice can be found in the southern gate tower on the east side of town

A large open fairground area can be found in the eastern end, with some games.

A pair of haunted houses near the middle of the town.

A dangerous Forest Maze is found outside of the town, across the eastern bridge.

At the northern end of the town is a road containing multiple player houses.

In the far northwest of the town is an abandoned windmill.

Facilities and activities not open yet - maybe next Thursday?:

  • Discwide Angling and Fishing Trust (i.e., fishing) - at the lake


Custom Shops

  • Slippery Hollow Stationery Store (NPC: Ann Celeria) can provide custom paper, envelopes, and books

Other Shops

  • Agnetha Phedre sells guidebooks out of her cottage.
  • Black Aliss's Gingerbread Shop (NPC: Mrs Plenty) sells some...interesting...gingerbread items.
  • Nasty Novelties and Ghastly Gifts (NPC: Mr Chumbley) has toys and various touristy things
  • Slippery Hollow Stationary Store (NPC: Ann Celeria) sells stationary and tourist items
  • The smithy (NPC: Borvid Nhearshale) has a small selection of defensive items and sharpening tools
  • Tanning supplies shop (NPC: Mr Smith) sells tanning/dyeing items, including a selection of inks. He does not buy leather.

Market Stalls

  • Adventuring gear stall - clothes and other items for the well-stocked adventurer
  • Boardgame stall - a very large selection of board games
  • Farm animal stall - pets...your choice of chicken, goose, pig, or sheep
  • Food stall - non-gingerbread food items
  • Illumination stall - light sources, from normal to novelty
  • Joke stall - this is your place if you feel the novelty store is not sufficiently tacky
  • Occult jewellery stall - appropriately themed gold and silver jewellery
  • Puppet stall - lots and lots of puppets with a Slippery Hollow theme
  • Scabbard stall - selection of normal, and unique, scabbards
  • T-shirt stall - a good selection of touristy Slippery Hollow shirts
  • Weapons stall - locally made weapons created specifically for the tourist market


Wandering Unique NPCs
  • Chaz Derwin
  • Graeme
  • Headless Horse Rider
  • Jennifer Smythe
  • Phillipa Pigshotham
  • Wandering minstrel
  • Wheaten
General NPCs

The following general NPCs may be found wandering the streets:

  • Adolescent / Youngster
  • Adventurer
  • Brat / Child / Youth
  • Dwarf
  • Farmhand
  • Infant
  • Labourer / Ploughman
  • Local
  • Oaf
  • Sheperd
  • Tourist
  • Whippersnapper
  • Yokel
  • Animals include: badger, cat, dog, mouse, polecat, rat, sheep


Priests' Guild

A temple to Hat can be found on the west side of the market.

Witches Guild'

While there is no Witches Guild facilities, per se, Agnatha has a few witchy herbs in the garden next to her cottage and there is an occult jewellery stall in the market. See the appropriate guidebook for Slippery Hollow's history and its sad state of affairs of having no (official) witch.

Headless Horse Rider

At night the headless horse rider moves around outdoors in this town. Careful or he might behead you with his flaming sword!

It is safer to stay indoors during the night or to visit Slippery Hollow only during the day.

The headless horse rider is fighting here.
The headless horse rider of Slippery Hollow is a fearsome sight!  His moist,
clammy skin is of alarming pallor, combining with his pale-eyed, penetrating
stare to give a false impression of albinism.  His hair is dark and spiked
while his teeth are viciously pointed.  He is mounted on his headless, black
He is in good shape.
He is sitting astride a huge, headless horse.
Holding : a flaming sword (left hand and right hand).
Wearing : a pair of black leather thigh boots, a pair of steel gauntlets and a
          ringmail hauberk.
This is a large broadsword.  It is not made of the finest steel nor is it in
the best condition, but it looks fearsome nonetheless.  An ethereal light seems
to emanate from it and flames occasionally lick along the blade's length.
  • According to one book from the village, the first hit the rider does to you (presumably that deals damage through shields/armour/etc) will behead you. This is not true, but he focuses on the neck and each hit that lands does a lot of damage to that area.
  • The flaming sword seems to bypass armour like other fire weapons (lit torch) or holy weapons.
  • A bonus of 650+ in stealing was not enough to filch or snatch the flaming sword from the rider.
  • A sneaking.outside and hiding.person bonus of 600+ was not enough to stay hidden from the rider.

Notes about magic protection and offensive spells:

  • Heezlewurst's Elemental Buffer (red crystal - fire) protects against the fire part of the attack, but the bug shield still gets damaged.
  • Mama Kolydina's Instant Infestation (bug shield) works in absorbing attacks from the flaming sword, but the bugs get burned very fast by it. Have several plagues' worth of assassin bugs or elephant bugs protect you (several casts even with high bonuses).
  • Transcendent Pneumatic Alleviator does NOT protect against his attacks, not even with Heezlewurst's Elemental Buffer on.
  • Endorphin's Floating Friend blocks as usual as long as the used shield doesn't miss or fall.
  • Chrenedict's Corporeal Covering rarely seems to help against the rider's flaming sword, possibly only if you have protection against fire.
  • The headless horse rider does not pursue, but he does follow in a delayed pursue by going in the direction he saw you leave.
  • It also seems like the Rider is magic resistant. See examples below.
  • Castings of Pragi's Fiery Gaze with high skills and offensive bonus only gave the two lowest damage values (singes and burns).
  • When casting Pragi's Lost Gaze and sending the shuffler into the same room as the rider, he sends it back to the caster. Beware!
  • Doctor Kelleflump's Deadly Demon seems to have a wide damage range so it is unclear whether the Rider is resistant to it or not. One casting brought the Rider down to slightly hurt.

An example of bug shield absorbing some damage:

 You slash at the headless horse rider with your Wilkandir but he parries the blow with his flaming sword.
 The headless horse rider slices at you with his flaming sword leaving a trail of sparks in the air but your elemental shielding absorbs all of the blow.
 As the fire licks the assassin bugs around you, several of them are burned to a crisp!
 As the fire licks the assassin bugs around you, several of them are burned to a crisp!
 You thrust at the headless horse rider with your Bloody Hope but he deftly parries the blow with his flaming sword.
 The headless horse rider slashes at you with his flaming sword but your metallic skin absorbs all of the blow.

An example of getting hit when shielded with TPA, CCC (chalk) and HEB (fire):

The headless horse rider shreds your neck with his flaming sword, burning you badly in the process but your elemental shielding absorbs most of the blow.
(-88 HP)

An example of getting hit with a special (!) with TPA, CCC (chalk) and HEB (fire):

The headless horse rider launches a powerful attack.  The headless horse rider neatly fillets your neck with his flaming sword, the sheer heat from the blade cauterising the wound instantly.
You are wounded; the intense pain makes you lose your concentration!
You hastily release the spell.
(-1411 HP) 

Examples of EFF absorbing hits:

The headless horse rider slashes at you with his flaming sword but your floating emerald studded shield swoops in and absorbs all of the blow.
The headless horse rider launches a powerful attack.  The headless horse rider slices at you with his flaming sword leaving a trail of sparks in the air but your floating emerald studded shield swoops in and absorbs all of the blow.

Two casts of Mugwuddle's Muddling Mirage with high skills only resulted in the following line:

The headless horse rider looks confused, but only for a moment.

An example of DKDD hitting the Rider:

The demon cruelly punctures the headless horse rider with razor-sharp claws, tearing out bits of flesh.